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Presenting our Halloween special – 26th October 2009

Hello fur fanciers and fondlers!

Another new update today: our Halloween special "Nosfuratu". It’s our first two-girl scene featuring more new models for The Love Of Fur: Rebekka Raynor and Mouse. And what a wickedly naughty scene it is too, as the evil succubus Rebekka comes for Mouse and her furs, and there’s nothing the damsel can do but succumb to the erotic and sensual charms of her intruder – and her special surprise! Hope you all like the new scene and as usual let us know what you think.

But no rest for the wicked, eh? We’ve recently been busy shooting more new scenes having listened to and read your suggestions to add to our own ideas, and have another shoot planned this week too. There are three new gorgeous young models who will reveal their charms and show their own love for fur exclusively for you over the coming weeks and months; more about them as we release their scenes but expect more naughty solo and two-girl adventures with the girls talking to you as they play in their furs.

Happy Halloween everyone! Watch out for your own fur clad midnight surprise!

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Ten years done and on we go! – 11th October 2009

Hope you like our latest update featuring the fabulous Lucy Zara once again getting far too carried away on a sofa covered in furs and telling you all about it too. Can you blame her though?! Hope her enjoyment was matched by yours; do let us know what you think of the scene.

Shooting begins on new scenes over the next two weeks so again your ideas are welcome. We’ve got a gorgeous young blonde model for a few solo scenes and then our first two girl shoot featuring a professional mistress and one of her recommended slave girls – so what do you want them to do? Of course I’ve got loads of plans for the shoots and new scenes but see if your input can sway my decisions.

Putting my Mr Mockle hat on too I realize that it has been just over ten years since my first fur photoshoot. Things have come a long way for me since that first nervous session, hiding behind my camera and clicking away furiously while the gorgeous and eternally patient Tracey Coleman posed magnificently. I’ve learned a lot since then, met some wonderful people, made good friends and had some truly amazing experiences – and I continue to learn from and enjoy each new shoot and scene whether for fashion or furplay! But I’m far from done and even better things await me – and you as members here – over the weeks, months and years to come!

"Are we not drawn onward, we few; drawn onward to new era?"

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