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Where was your Furry Godmother? – 29th December 2009

Hello again!

I hope you all had a good Christmas with family, friends and loved ones and dined well on turkey, goose, nutroast or whatever else you may have had that day. The Mockles’ Christmas was rather good if quiet and it was nice to see the cold and snow bringing out several furs to London’s West End in the post-Christmas sales – but more detail on those elsewhere. As you are clearly all very bad boys and girls for visiting sites like this then I am sure that Santa didn’t bring you anything – but if not furs inside your stockings then hopefully you’ve had some furs wrapped around stockings to enjoy and unwrap!

Another new scene to announce too as Cate Harrington and Natalia Forrest return for a fortright festive furring in our quasi-pantomine “Natalia and her Furry Godmother”. Do let us know what you think of the scene.

We’re still working on our improvements and until we get some polls online, then do let us know which models have, er, inspired you the most and who you would like to see back among the furs alone, in twosomes or moresomes. Who was your Furry Godmother from our models so far?

Next scene is due around 7th/8th January so until then have a Happy New Year everyone! Members: check your spam folders too!

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Food For Thought – Turkey and Spam – 24th December 2009

Hello snowmen, tree fairies and snowflakes!

Just an early blog post to wish you all the very best for Christmas or whatever festivities you and your loved ones celebrate at this time of the year. Personally, I’ve a quiet couple of days planned with extended family and the southern snow has moved north so hopefully I can get up there without too much trouble this afternoon. Much turkey, drinking, gaming and merriment should be had by all and I hope you all also enjoy yourselves over the coming few days, whether at work, rest or play.

A minor announcement to those of you who are members or have registered your interest and emails with us. To minimise the chance of our emails and announcements reaching you by email, please check your spam or junk mail folders and filters in case our recent messages are being held there.

Merry Christmas everyone – and look out for the naughty new update on the 27th/28th December!

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Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! – 20th December 2009

Seasons greetings everyone!

Another new update to tell you all about which we posted a few days ago. As the temperature plummets and the snow falls in the southern UK as winter truly arrives, what better to do than stay in bed wrapped up in furs – which is exactly what the delightful Danielle Maye does rather intimately! So much so that a few of you may spot that she totally forgot about the toys she had ready to play with – obviously the lynx, chinchilla and crystal fox were too alluring for her! As usual, let us have your thoughts on the scene.

The next update is due just after Christmas – 27th or 28th December, weather and travel depending – and another two girl scene to keep things hot here as it stays cold outside. Until then, we hope you all stay warm and furred up!

A very merry Christmas to you all!

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Changes for the season – 12th December 2009

Hello again all!

A slight delay to the blog this time but the observant among you will have noticed a new look to our pages here as we start a redesign for the winter. We’ve started improving the look, design and graphics and will be releasing new site features too – including our new fur fetish and play discussion forum – as well as more frequent blog posts, polls for you to vote for which models you want to see again and more information pages to come as the northern cold arrives and everyone’s furs are starting to come out to wear or play with for the winter.

You will also have noticed our latest update posted on 7th December with another Dannii Harwood scene posing in more furs in the studio. Yes it’s a bit tamer but things get heated again over the coming weeks for our festive updates.

Plus – from this December – we will now be releasing 3 updates every month so you will have an extra fur fetish scene to enjoy each month: one fur scene every 10 days! Expect each new update on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month, starting from 17th December.

As always, let us know what you think of our latest scene and changes made or proposed.

Wrap up warm!

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