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Situation Normal: All Furred Up – 26th February 2010

Attention members and passers-by,

Hopefully a final service update as we have now completed the restoration of all the HD clips so everything should be back to normal. Thanks for your patience and apologies again for the brief break in service since last weekend.

Our next update will be posted on 7th March 2010 and we’re planning more shoots for March and April featuring more new models so drop us a line if you want to suggest anyone to star in furs in our upcoming scenes!

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Service update – 24th February 2010

Hello everyone!

An update on the recent server and service problems. Firstly I know that some of you have had problems logging in to the site but we believe they have been resolved. If any of you are still having problems please contact our support team using the Contact Us link below.

The restoration of the HD clips is going faster than expected too and at the time of writing just over half are back online – as far back as our Halloween 2009 “Nosfuratu” update. We now expect the rest to be available no later than Saturday 27th February 2010.

As a result of these problems and the repairs though we are postponing our weekend update so that we can ensure everything is back to normal. Our next scene will therefore be posted on Sunday March 7th 2010.

That’s enough from me for now other than a further apology for the break in service.

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Server glitch update – 22nd February 2010

Attention members!

A follow-up announcement and status update.

The SD clips are all back and available for downloading or streaming and the HD clips are being restored now too. The HD clips from the 2 most recent updates (Lucy Zara and Sasha) are currently available and the others will be back over the next few days.

Some of you maybe also have had some problems logging in over or since the weekend. Please persevere and you’ll get in, even if you have to attempt to login twice. But if you are still have problems signing in then send us an email through the Contact Us link below and we’ll check everything’s okay with your credentials.

Sorry again for these problems but we’ll get there!

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Temporary server glitches – 19th February 2010

Attention all members

We are currently having a problem with our servers and at the moment the HD and SD video scenes are not available to view/download. We are looking into this so please stand by for further news on their release.

Sorry for the inconvenience but please reach for a few furs and enjoy them for a short while until all’s back to normal!

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Lucy’s furry Valentine – 18th February 2010

Good evening guys and girls

Announcing another new update today and the return of Lucy Zara in a belated Valentine scene as she records a special furry Valentine’s video scene for you from her own bedroom – you lucky devils! – complete with mittens and a silver dildo. Much more of Lucy to come but as ever let us know what you think.

Some of you longer-serving members may also note that we’ve been open for exactly six months today so it’s a semi-anniversary of sorts. Thanks to all of you for your support so far and we’ve bigger and better to come over the next six months and beyond so do watch this space for further details of our new scenes and new and returning models!

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