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Marlyn Lindsay’s online fur sale – 28th March 2010

Hello bargain hunters

Another update today featuring another new model to The Love Of Fur as classic 80s glamour model Marlyn Lindsay joins the furry fold for those of you who love the charms of older models. Her first scene shows her as a casually dressed housewife in sweater, jeans and boots sorting through some cheaper furs to auction off and remembering the fun she had in them. We know what such memories usually lead too and Marlyn doesn’t disappoint! A fur wearer herself, she even shows off her own fur in this scene as well as enjoying ours! More Marlyn to come over the coming weeks but let us know what you think of her.

That’s all for now but more musings and ideas to follow before Easter.

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Kittens and Cougars and Kinks – 21st March 2010

Hello Spring and goodbye Winter!

A rarity today: no not another update as you’ll have to wait another week for that, but a post to announce who’s and what’s to come this Spring on The Love Of Fur.

We’re lining up three gorgeous models to bring you during our Spring season in some very naughty scenes. For those of you who like your fresh-faced younger models we have the kittenish Sophia Knight coming to play in our furs. Then for you connoisseurs of more experienced models we have the cougarish Marlyn Lindsay, a glamour girl from the 1980s helping to bring back memories of those fabulous 80s fur scenes. And finally the wickedly kinky Tammie Lee is welcomed into the fur fold and promising some spicy toy scenes for us and you.

We plan to incorporate some more fetish themes into our scenes alongside the furs so hopefully you fans of stockings, high heels, boots, perhaps even smoking along with other passions will find some extra thrill from the updates over the weeks ahead! So if you have any other ideas or requests then let us know what they are and we’ll see what we can do!

It’s going to be a great Spring for us all so pace yourselves!

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Mistress Lucy Zara’s Fur Finishing School – 17th March 2010

Good afternoon buds and blooms,

Our latest update is online now: Mistress Lucy Zara‘s Fur Finishing School. One for the girls and fetish fans amongst you as Lucy – in her sharp black satin blouse, pencil skirt, seamed stockings, high heels, leather gloves and spectacles – introduces you to some of her furs and the fun you can have with them. No doubt you boys will know what that leads to already! As always let us know what you think of her performance.

We’re doing more shoots in the run up to Easter and will announce more about our Spring season and updates in the next blog post. Yet more new models to bring to The Love Of Fur in more new locations and some filthy scenes in mind too, so plenty to keep you all happy as the weather warms up.

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A Chance Encounter starring Sasha – 8th March 2010

Welcome one and welcome all!

Now that things are back to normal here’s another update to be getting on with: “A Chance Encounter” features Sasha as a fur wearer you meet on the street who invites you back to her home to show you some of her other furs – and what she gets up to in them! Let us know what you think of her latest scene.

More shoot planning in progress with yet more new models – such a pleasure to find so many new models desperate to pose and play in furs! And we’ve found some fabulous new locations to shoot in so we’ll have even better scenes on the way. Expect future blog posts to challenge you followers a bit more with some questions about what you like and want to see more of in our spring and summer scenes – starting with the big debate: cougars versus kittens.

Enjoy Sasha outdoors in her fox – and indoors in other furs!

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