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Jamie Brooks: filthy in furs and fishnets – 27th June 2010

Hello everyone – well those of you who aren’t glued to the World Cup,

Our latest update features another spicy performance from the stunning Jamie Brooks to satisfy your fur fetish needs. A simple scene but what more could you wish for: Jamie dressed in a fishnet body stocking, kinky black boots and a selection of fine furs, parading around and playing for your pleasure – and talking very dirtily to you until she and you both climax. As always, let us know what you think of her special show.

More shoots to come this week so pity the poor girls sweltering under the heat and furs while they model and masturbate for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure they’ll cope admirably though and enjoy their sessions – maybe developing their own fur fetish leanings too while surrounded by mink, fox, chinchilla and more besides! The more the merrier!

Enjoy the summer sun – and your furs when it’s cool enough

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An Errand for Madame starring Marlyn Lindsay – June 17th 2010

Good afternoon to those serving and served upon,

Another new update today for those of you wanting a break from the many sporting events of the weekend and week to come: the return of Marlyn Lindsay. This time she plays your lady of the manor and you one of her servants, sadly one who has been rather tardy in her requests to get her furs cleaned. Regally clad in her crisp white satin blouse, sharp pencil skirt and stockings, Madame Lindsay catches you delaying in your chores, inspects her furs for any further damage – trying some one while you watch – and then delights in enjoying them one more time before sending you away to your duties. As always let us know what you think of her scene.

We’re busy busy with new shoots but plenty of chance still to get your ideas in, whether for the upcoming sessions or autumn/winter shoots so do post any ideas, even as inspiration for other viewers to build upon. Got to give you guys something more to think or fantasize about while we all wait for fur season to return! Mind you, there are a few furs about in London even in this weather surprisingly. Good for those wearers!

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Fur Addiction Therapy 1 starring Tammie Lee – 7th June 2010

Hello ballboys and game girls,

Clearly we all have issues: we are addicted to fur! But luckily your therapist Tammie Lee is here to help and talk you through your fur fetish desires. In this week’s update you have your first therapy session with her as she tries to discover why you love fur – and develops her own passion for fox furs by the end. More Tammie scenes to come later in the summer in furry two-girl updates with Cate Harrington but let us know what you think of her latest solo scene.

For those of you already catching World Cup fever then do enjoy the football extravaganza to come! Hopefully the upcoming shoot dates won’t clash with any big games but I’m sure the girls in furs will be suitably distracting in any case. Anyway, last chance to submit ideas before those scenes are filmed so get thinking and writing!

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