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Real Fur Estate starring Cate Harrington – 27th August 2010

Hello house hunters!

Today’s update stars the gorgeous ever-playful Cate Harrington as a sexy estate agent or realtor showing you around a home to let. In her tight blouse, sassy pencil skirt, sheer stockings and high heels, she starts her tour of the property but is quickly sidetracked by a pile of the current tenants furs. She talks and jokes with you about them before trying them on, leaving you to view the rest of the house yourself or sit and watch her playing with the furs. Tough choice! Another great show from Cate – let us know what you think of the scene.

Thanks to all of you so far for your votes on our first poll – see our other recent blog post The Polls are Coming! – and more to come soon as we start planning more future shoots. We have even more new models lined up as well as a couple of favourites coming back for the autumn and winter so stay tuned for new fur fetish stars!

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Happy Birthday to Us! Fur Bed Frolics in Two Parts – 17th August 2010

Happy Birthday to Us! Happy Birthday to Us!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: The Love Of Fur celebrates our 1st year of fur fetish goodness today. More on that later but today’s update sees a two part scene featuring Tammie Lee, Paige Fox, a bed draped in furs and in Part 2 … you! Scantily dressed in stockings and lingerie, the girls enjoy their foxes and minks especially when they rub them over each other to moaning climaxes in Part 1. Then in Part 2 then catch you enjoying the same furs so join you on the bed to help relieve your lusty fur fetish needs! Let us know what you think of their performances.

Sample Screencaps from Part 1

Sample Screencaps from Part 2

So, our first year over: how was it for you? We’ve brought you many new gorgeous models and introduced them to furs – and they’ve loved posing and playing in them just for you! We’ve tried different types of scenes and original ideas to bring new life to the fur fetish world. And we’ve welcomed your feedback here through messages, blog comments and polls; do keep on voting and look out for more polls in the coming weeks too. No rest for the wicked though – so onwards into Year 2 of fur fetish fantasies!

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The Polls are Coming: Your Fur Site Needs You! – 10th August 2010

Attention members and visitors,

From today we’ll be releasing some polls within blog posts so that you can vote on a variety of fur fetish things here, such as what scenes and ideas you have liked, what things you want to see in future scenes, which models you want to come back and which new ones you want to see in their first fur fetish scenes here.

To make for a simple start, let’s ease you in gently with this poll on what sorts of scenes you have enjoyed most so far. Answers on a postcard – or preferably through the options above.

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A Lesson in Fur starring Natalia Forrest and Jessica Lloyd – 7th August 2010

Good morning class,

Today’s update stars the sweet Natalia Forrest and the playful Jessica Lloyd reliving their formative days as schoolgirls dressed in white blouses, short skirts and cute socks but with a fur fetish twist. While Natalia tries to get on with her classwork Jessica can’t resist fooling around with the teacher’s mink coat which quickly distracts Natalia. But when Jessica finds more furs to play with in the drama room then the naughty fun really begins and the girls give each other a lesson in fur they’ll never forget! Let’s hope that the teacher doesn’t catch them in their fur rubbing action!

Another lively performance from the girls so do let us know what you think of their scene – or it’s furry detention for you! Watch the blog too for announcements of new things to come at The Love Of Fur!

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