Food For Thought – Turkey and Spam – 24th December 2009

Hello snowmen, tree fairies and snowflakes!

Just an early blog post to wish you all the very best for Christmas or whatever festivities you and your loved ones celebrate at this time of the year. Personally, I’ve a quiet couple of days planned with extended family and the southern snow has moved north so hopefully I can get up there without too much trouble this afternoon. Much turkey, drinking, gaming and merriment should be had by all and I hope you all also enjoy yourselves over the coming few days, whether at work, rest or play.

A minor announcement to those of you who are members or have registered your interest and emails with us. To minimise the chance of our emails and announcements reaching you by email, please check your spam or junk mail folders and filters in case our recent messages are being held there.

Merry Christmas everyone – and look out for the naughty new update on the 27th/28th December!

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