Look But Don’t Touch starring Natalia Forrest – 26th November 2012

Hello voyeurs and vassals,

This week’s fur fetish video scene stars sultry Natalia Forrest in a seductive role yet very much in charge. Crawling before her following her blue fox stole, she comands you to watch her in her black fox jacket, tight PVC basque and tiny shorts and winning smile. As you look longily at her she teases and seduces you with her fox furs before tying you up to watch her reveal her pert breasts and remove her tight shorts to finger and rub herself with the soft fox! Can you stop drooling and leaking as you watch your mistress cumming, while unable to touch her or her furs?

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More furry treats from us on Monday 3rd December when busty blonde in satin Jessica Lloyd begs you to join her in bed. Well, does she really need to?

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