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The Next Fur Feature starring Michelle Moist

Michelle Moist plays the posh, arrogant and bitchy editor of a fashion magazine in black blouse, short checked skirt, black seamed stockings and fiery red underwear. She inspects the furs you've provided for her big fur pictorial. When they don't meet her approval though, she starts telling and showing you what she really wants from fur in her magazine - and in her bedroom!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released March 2014.

Length: 20mins, Filesize: 164mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

The Perfect Housewife starring Leona Lee

Lovely Leona Lee is a devoted housewife seeing to her domestic duties in a pretty black and cherry dress, sheer stockings and red heels. She keeps her prized blue fox stole and cuffs close by though during her kitchen chores - and while waiting for her pot roast to finish, settles down to some old fashioned fur and dildo play! But can she finish her toying before dinner is ready - and before her husband gets home?

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released March 2014.

Length: 15mins, Filesize: 121mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

The Trail of Fur starring Crystal Coxxx


Join sexy Crystal Coxxx following a little trail. Someone has left a mysterious calling card and some luscious fur jackets for her to find as she comes home from work. Starting with a lynx jacket in her hallway, Crystal travels deeper into the flat - trying on each fur that she finds and stripping off her casual work top and skirt as each fur makes her feeler hotter and sexier! By the time she reaches her fur-covered sofa, she's desperate for some fur play - and finds a little glass toy to help her enjoy her lucky furry finds. What a way to relax after work!

Full scene available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released January 2019.

Length: 12mins, Filesize: 142mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Toying with her Toy starring Abigail Toyne

Abigail Toyne is a teasing and playful mistress. You must be early for your appointment with her but don't have to wait for long as she joins you by her favourite armchair in her peaked cap, leopard print corset, tight black skirt, black heels and vintage ocelot fur coat. But it's not all submission and suffering: if you are diligent in your chores she will reward you by allowing you to watch her special toy show - with her favourite black dildo.

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released June 2014.

Length: 10mins, Filesize: 84mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Your furry Valentine from Lucy Zara

Seductive Lucy Zara gives you her best wishes for Valentine's Day as she records a special furry video scene just for you from her very own bedroom - you lucky devils! Complete with playful negligee she crawls onto her bed of many furs just for you - and shows you what you are missing with her fur massage mittens and a slippery silver dildo!

Full scene available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released April 2012.

Length: 16mins, Filesize: 124mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Your Naughty Valentine starring Natalia Forrest

Valentine's Day sees the delightful Natalia Forrest playing your perfect - if ever so naughty - Valentine. In her slinky tight red dress she teases you with the furs around her, slipping into fox and rabbit and enjoying the chinchilla too while she slides her dress up to make love with the furs for you. Then she reaches for her special glass dildo, unable to wait for you to join her in the furs to make the most of your special night!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released May 2014.

Length: 15mins, Filesize: 118mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

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