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Teasing the Houseboy Part 2 starring Rebekka Raynor

Mistress Rebekka Raynor stars in the second part of her teasing her poor houseboy scenario. This part shows us a little more of Rebekka - literally - and she indulges in more dominant teasing and fur play instruction while drapping a silver fox coat over her shoulders. Many of you may wish to reach for you own fox cuff while obeying her commands.

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released April 2014.

Length: 10mins, Filesize: 85mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Teasing, Kissing, Spanking starring Tiffany Naylor and Crystal C


New girls Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx share a bed of furs together right in front of you! Wearing nothing but a fox jacket each resting on their shoulders, they settle onto the bed and into each other's arms, kissing and teasing you as you watch them rub the furs on each other. As they roll on the bed together, Tiffany suggests a little game to Crystal: can she guess what sort of fur she is being stroked with? A kiss for a right guess - and a spank for a wrong one? How well will she do - and how well would you do?

Full scene available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released January 2019.

Length: 11mins, Filesize: 121mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

The Balance of Power starring Jessica Lloyd

Stunning busty blonde Jessica Lloyd plays a willing PA - with a wicked streak! While trying on some of the furs you have bought for your partner, she notices how attracted you are to seeing her in the fox and lynx furs on the rail before her. But how will she turn this to her advantage - and will you submit to her charms, her curves and her extra work demands? The balance of office power may be shifting - but it may have some benefits after all!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released May 2016.

Length: 11mins, Filesize: 138mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Toying with her Toy starring Abigail Toyne

Abigail Toyne is a teasing and playful mistress. You must be early for your appointment with her but don't have to wait for long as she joins you by her favourite armchair in her peaked cap, leopard print corset, tight black skirt, black heels and vintage ocelot fur coat. But it's not all submission and suffering: if you are diligent in your chores she will reward you by allowing you to watch her special toy show - with her favourite black dildo.

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released June 2014.

Length: 10mins, Filesize: 84mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Under Her Command starring Crystal Coxxx


Lovely young star Crystal Coxxx is showing her dominant streak - and keeping you firmly in your place. You creep into her chamber and kneel before her as commanded, while she chides and instructs you wearing a tight black rubber top and skirt, kink red patent leather boots, a sharp military cap and long red fox coat over her shoulders. After telling you off, she reaches for some fur items to tease you with - and whip you with - before commanding you to masturbate in front of her! Hopefully her black fox boa won't get in the way though ...

Full scene available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released January 2019.

Length: 11mins, Filesize: 133mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Weekly Fur Worship starring Holly Kiss

Discover more of the dark side of striking redhead Holly Kiss. It's time for your weekly fur worship session and Madame Kiss is running late. Storming into the lounge she doesn't have time to strip from her black mink coat before she cuffs and gags you with her fur toys and starts stroking and whipping you with a fox boa. You kneel and lie before her as she slides off her tight shiny shorts and pulls her firm breasts out for a little fur play of their own. She may even let you masturbate with her fox boa as she brings herself off too - but don't make a mess of her furs!

Full scene available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released February 2017.

Length: 14mins, Filesize: 171mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

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