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A Welcome Return starring Lana Cox

Leggy Lana Cox in fox fur fetish action with big tits and stockings
Russian cougar lana Cox in crystal fox fur coat evening dress and high heels
Fur fetish sex with Lana Cox in evening dress and fox coat
Hot blonde fingering in fur coat Lana Cox

Lady of the Manor Lana Cox returns to her elegant apartment with her chauffeur who can't keep his eyes off of her gorgeous body, sexy evening dressing, stockings and heels - and her glorious crystal fox fur coat. Sipping champagne to relax herself, she's noticed your eager glances and doesn't mind showing you a little more of herself in fur - and out of it! Settling back into her chair in nothing but fox fur, heels and stockings, and spreading her legs for you is the ideal way to end a perfect night out!

13 October 2014

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What the Butler Saw starring Sally Taylor

Milf Sally Taylor in mink coat rubs her big tits with fur mittens
Sexy mature sally Taylor at home in her mink fur coat and bag
Saucy Sally Taylor opens her fur coat and rubs her stockings lingerie and breasts in fur
Fur rubbing fun with British milf Sally Taylor in mink

Join the elegant charms of sexy madame Sally Taylor in her stately bedroom. As butler to sexy saucy Sally, you assist her with her needs, watching and enjoying her in her long sexy mink coat and attending to her every need. Returning after one such errand, you find her stripped down to just her lingerie under her fur coat, sliding a soft fur mitten around her ample breasts and over her stockinged thighs. Time to watch and serve her more then as she reaches out towards you with her mitten ...

22 September 2014

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Foxy First Date starring Samantha Alexandra

Stunning blonde Samantha Alexandra in blue fox fur caot red dress stockings high heels
Hot young blonde Samantha wears fox fur jacket to dinner in sexy red dress
Sassy teen blonde model Samantha Alexandra in blue fox fur coat
Sexy Samantha Alexandra fingers herself in a diner under her fox fur coat

Gorgeous Samantha Alexandra joins you on another date night at the diner. And what a stunner she is: a slim leggy young blonde in a sexy tight red dress, black hold-up stockings and high heels - and a long thick soft blue fox fur coat! Who wouldn't want to spend an evening out with Samantha, especially as she enjoys your company too. The date goes so well that she's soon slipped off her satin knickers and exposed her shaved pussy, sliding her fingers and thick fox sleeve between her legs too. Time to call the taxi and take her home!

1 September 2014

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The Feel of Fox starring Samantha Alexandra

Sexy blonde fetish model in fox fur stockings heels Samantha Alexandra
Samantha Alexandra hot blonde teen in crystal fox fur coat
Young hot blonde model Samantha Alexandra in lingerie bra and fur jacket
Fur fetish blonde topless in fox fur jacket and stockings

Gorgeous blonde starlet Samantha Alexandra is alone in a classy lounge and looking stunning in a hot fox fur jacket, sexy yellow bra and panties, sleek black sheer stockings and black high heels. But her fur coat is really making her purr, running her fingers through the soft hairs and cuddling into the thick skins. Slipping out of her lingerie, she soon slides onto the carpet in her jacket, fingering herself and stroking her fur everywhere she can. Now wonder that she felt so horny when feeling the seductive fox fur against her skin!

4 August 2014

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That First Touch starring Slave Scarlett

Milf Slave Scarlett in blue fox fur coat strokes her furs
Redhead Scarlett sunggles into crystal fox fur jacket
Mink coat mature scarlett strokes her blue fox fur
Milf in mink Slave Scarlett rubs her big tits with fox fur

Mature buxom newcomer Slave Scarlett experiencing her first touch of fur ever. Settling into her first shoot, she finds some furs in the studio dressing room so takes her time to feel and caress them. Starting in her fishnet top and a blue fox coat, she slowly strokes and feels the other mink and fox jacket in the room, trying them on for their touch, sensuality and glamour. You know what the love of fur meant to you on your first time: now so does lucky Scarlett!

28 July 2014

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Loving at Lunchtime starring Samantha Alexandra

Sexy secretary Samantha Alexandra in stockings and black fox fur jacket shows her pussy
Hot blonde PA Samantha examines her new black fox fur coat
Samantha Alexandra strokes her black fur jacket over her stockings and office outfit

Sexy secretary Samantha Alexandra is back from her lunch break early, having bought a very cute black fox fur in a local boutique. After calling her boyfriend to tell him of her new purchase, she decides to spend the rest of her lunch break enjoying her fox in the best way possible. Before long she's stripped down to her stockings and cuddled up in the fur before fingering herself to a quick but hot climax. How will she manage to concentrate on her work after that?!

14 July 2014

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A Debut in Fur starring Slave Scarlett

Mature BBW Slave Scarlett rubs big tits on fur bed
Milf Slave Scarlett in crystal fox fur jacket by bed of fur coats
BBW Scarlett in blue lingerie and bra and fox fur coat
Scarlett in fur jacket shows her huge breasts

BBW milf and first time fun loving amateur Slave Scarlett is a bit shy for her debut fur scene but soon gets into the hang of it all as she feels the different furs on the bed beneath her. Removing her lacy bra she rubs the furs against her large tits, and starts to sigh and moan as the fox, mink and chinchilla skins start to work their magic on her body! A lucky lady indeed to enjoy such sensual pleasure and feel the love of fur for the first time.

16 June 2014

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A Bunny in the Bedroom starring Samantha Alexandra

Samantha Alexandra in rabbit fur jacket on bed of fox fur coats
Blonde Samantha Alexandra shows tits in knitted rabbit fur jacket topless
Sexy Samantha Alexandra bends over on fur bed and rubs bum with fur mitten
Samantha Alexandra masturbates pussy with chinchilla fur mitten on fox bed

Gorgeous young blonde Samantha Alexandra has been patiently waiting for your return. Alone on a bed of fox and lynx furs in wearing nothing but a white rabbit jacket and white fox ankle cuffs, she leaves little to the imagination as she reaches for her furry massage mittens to stroke the fox and chinchilla gloves over her breasts, body and against her pussy. Watch her first scene for us and she her experience her first love of fur: it won't be her last!

2 June 2014

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Late Night Diner starring Sally Taylor

Milf Sally Taylor in black fox fur coat and stockings fingers her pussy
Mature Sally Taylor in black fur jacket stockings in diner
Sexy Sally Taylor in black fur coat stocking fetish
Sally Taylor milf in fur masturbates on diner counter

Sexy saucy Sally Taylor is the last customer in the diner before it closes for the evening, dressed in her sexy party dress, black hold-up stockings, high heels and a black fox fur jacket. And what a saucy customer she is! Flirting and teasing with you as you chat about her fur and plans for the night, flashing her pussy at you and then climbing onto the bar to finger herself to a climax while you watch! Wonder who she'll be going home with tonight to satisfy her needs!

26 May 2014

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Fur Therapy 9: A Gentle Touch Part 2 starring Sapphire Blue

Busty blonde Sapphire Blue shows her big tits in crystal fox fur coat
Sapphire Blue rubs her bosom in black fox fur
Sapphire Blue in lace silk bra and panties stockings high heels fox fur jacket
Sexy Sapphire Blue rubs fox fur sleeve against her pussy in stockings

The sexy Sapphire Blue continues delving deeper into your fur fantasies. Beneath her crystal fox jacket, she caresses her big tits with a fox fur sleeve before sliding the soft fur and eager hands down her body, over her sheer stockings and between her legs. Pulling her silk and lace panties to the side, she starts rubbing the fox against her pussy and finally starts to understand what a love for fur can be! She'll be needing to see you again soon - to explore your mutual fur fantasies together!

28 April 2014

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