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The Fur Industry

The fur industry is a business that includes all aspects of farming or trapping a particular type of fur bearing animal. Then processing their skins which will enable them to be sold to a garment fur manufacturer and marketing the finished products to an retail outlet where they can be used in a number of different ways including a fur fashion show or a fur fetish video. As defined, fur is any animal skin or part there of which retains its hair, fleece, or fur fibres still being attached in a raw or processed state, another name for this product is pelts which can be used on a fur fetish site.

The earliest account of fur trading is considered to be in the New World around the 1530's when beaver pelts were shipped on a regular basis to Europe from the colonies. The beaver, trapped by the Native Americans, became so popular that trading post were set up in cities such as Chicago, St Louis, Missouri; Saint Paul, Spokane, Washington, and Detroit. This allowed the Native Americans to trade their pelts for products manufactured in Europe.

With the demise in trapping wild fur bearing animals the practice of fur farming soon came into existence. It was in Canada in 1887 that animals were raised in captivity under controlled conditions that fur farming started. This allowed the farmer to raise animals with the characteristics required by the general public with reference to size, colour, or texture. The farmers could cross breed animals and interbreed them to produce these required characteristics. As a good example of this is the sliver fox which was derived from the red fox and was the first to be produced using cross breeding and interbreeding. Today the mutation of minks gives of a range of colours including white to near black and bluish to lavender and a range of colours in between. Not only do we farm mink, we also farm chinchillas, nutria and fox, to name a few, that are raised in the thousands to provide the ever increasing market with fine quality and well cared for pelts that can be used in a fur fashion video on theloveoffur.

Making a Fur Coat

First you need to decide what the coat is going to be used for as an example it could be used in a fur fetish video, a fur fashion show, fur sex video or one to have sex on.

Once you have decided what it is going to be used for you then need a pattern. Many fabric stores have patterns for fur coats but for the most part they are for faux fur, which you buy off a bolt. If you do this you can still design what you want the coat to look like. Once you finalize the pattern you will know how many pelts you will need.

Obtain the fur and lining making sure it matches your skin tone as you don't want to look out of place when you have sex on it. You can get contrasting material with which to back the fur at a fabric store. Buy the same amount of lining as you do fur just make sure it is a similar style for example if you have a thick fur then you need a thick lining. Make sure the thread matches the fabric.

Next match the furs as you don't want to look out of place when you have sex on the fur coat. Make sure it is long enough, during the sex on fur video it needs to cover enough floor space. Although dying furs is an option, it's not recommended.

Make sure you match the pelts as you sew them together and trim them to the length you need for the pattern you have chosen. Make sure the fur is stretched, shaped and cleaned before you work with it.

Sew in the lining and complete the final touches, including any pockets, the hem and buttons. Make sure the coat is hanging right then take to the cleaner's for a final cleaning.

Step out in style or rather lay down in style and have sex on your new fur coat, it could be in a fur fetish video on theloveoffur!


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