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A selection of great fur fetish short stories. If you want to see your story posted here, please contact us!

Mercedes and the Landlord

Ever think about getting down and having just dirty sex, well it's what Mercedes was thinking about as she put on her fur coat from the latest fetish video she did for As she left her flat and headed to Baker Street, in her mink coat, she was all prepared to do some trolling. It was so exciting knowing that the only thing between her and pubic nudity was her favourite fur and nothing could feel so good. As she walked down the street she began to size up the different men that came past her, it had to be the right one. She was looking for a young man not to shabbily dressed and clean. What she had in mind just wouldn't work for one of those financial types in his suit and tie.

After a while she became disillusioned in her search and decided to stop in one of the local bars for a quick drink where she could rethink her strategy. It was in the dark light that she noticed a group of young lads sitting over in the corner. After some thought she slowly walked over to their table, not realising that her fur coat had slipped open just enough to show off her flaming red lips along with her ample breast. As she walked up to the table she asked who wanted to be the first to fuck her when all their hands went up. She thought school boys this is going to be fun. She took them two at a time into the toilet. She had one set on the toilet so she could give him a blow job while the other one lifted up her fur coat and proceeded to fuck her from behind. She finished both boys off in her mouth as she didn't want them to cum inside her or more to the point mess up her new fur coat as that would be total taboo.

After she had finished off all four of them they sat at the table talking about the afternoon's event. It was hard to believe she was sitting there with nothing on but a smile and a fur coat. The boys all wanted more so it was back to the toilet they went but this time it was only one at a time because all Mercedes wanted was to have her pussy sucked, licked and anything else they could think of. Time and again they were off to the toilet to satisfy her. It was during the last trip that the Landlord started to become suspicious as to what was going on and he would find out what it was. As he entered the toilet all he could hear was Mercedes's moaning so he quietly opened the stall door only to find Mercedes sitting on the toilet with the boy on his knees in front of her. The boy got up and made his way past the Landlord but Mercedes just sat there with legs spread wide apart. The Landlord didn't know what to do with this beautiful fanny staring at him. All he could do was take his rock hard cock out of his trousers at which time Mercedes took it straight into her mouth and finished him off. As she set licking her lips he picked her up and turned her around as he wasn't finished yet. As she held onto the toilet with her ass up in the air the Landlord slowly inserted his massive cock in her for her first time of anal sex. She had never had this before and she became so excited that she screamed at the top of her lungs not from pain but from pure enjoyment. As the Landlord turned to leave he said come to me first the next time and you can bet Mercedes will be back.

As she left the bar she thought what a good plot for her next fur fetish video and also a good excuse to go back to see her favourite Landlord.

Candy's Trip Abroad

It was not only Candy's first trip to Spain but also her time to work outside of England. She had already booked her tickets and passport at hand, all that was left to do was pack for a few days. They told her to bring only her personal clothing because what she needed for the shoot would be supplied. As she packed her bags she daydreamed back in time to how she ended up in the modelling business and on another assignment, her favourite, a fur fetish video for

Candy used to be a secretary for a finance company but due to the economic times she was laid off and told that when the market improved she could have her job back. She looked for jobs but it was always the same response, wait until the market improves. One day when she was once again pounding the pavement she stopped in a high street bar for a quick drink while she tried to decide on what to do, with rent due and no hope in finding it she was at her wits end. It was then that a man approached her and asked if she was a model, the old chat up line she thought but he produced his business card which implicated he was indeed a photographer. As he began to explain that his pictures were a little risque they were at the same time not any thing more than you would find in a magazine. What he didn't say was that they would be found in a hard core men's magazine. Well the rent was due and no other options. What made it interesting was that when the photo session was finished she was to be paid in cash, she thought what harml can a few pictures do. That was the beginning of her new work life of modelling and more so fur coats were involved which she loved.

She found out things about herself and her body that she had never thought of before and at the same time made a lot of money. Now they wanted her for an international shoot that was to be published on a well known website, She sat on the bed trying to decide what to wear on the trip, the one thing she would take with her for sure was her mink fur coat as it had brought out feelings in her that she didn't know she had, it can only be described as a fur fetish.

She boarded the plain with some trepidation as it was her first flight abroad, with her fur coat over her shoulder as it wasn't quiet cold enough to wear it but what the hell she was taking it anyway. It was winter time now and a coat may be needed even in Spain. The flight wasn't any thing to write home about, just boring except for the children running up and down the isles, maybe one day she would have one. After the plane landed she exited through the door only to be welcomed by a warm breeze, the weather was totally different from where she had just left where it was wet and cold. As promised there was a limousine waiting for at the curb with a rather good looking Spaniard driver holding the door open, he must have seen her picture for he acted as if he knew her. Once she was seated in the back of the limousine she kept looking at the driver and wondering or rather hoping he would be in one of the shoots.

Sometime later they reached the hotel where she would be staying. As he escorted her in he inquired if there was anything else he could do for her, she thought why not start off as you would like to finish up. She told the driver that he could take her luggage up to her room and not the bellhop as she wanted to tip him. She wanted to give him a really big tip so when they reached the room he put the luggage on the rack only to turn around and find her slowly placing her fur coat on the bed and at the same time removing what little clothing she had on. He could not take his eyes off of her as she slowly undressed, but this was only the beginning. She didn't say a word she just lay down on top of her fur coat shutting her eyes and began to think of what was going to happen. The fur was working it's magic as she twisted and squirmed, love juices beginning to flow. As she opened her eyes she shuttered as in front of her was a magnificence specimen of a man with the best part almost reaching to his knees, what more could she ask for. As he climbed on top of her and slowly placed his throbbing manhood between her legs she kept begging for more. People in the hotel must have thought he was killing her as she was screaming in shear delight. It was only after she had multiple orgasms did he finally reach one that completely filled her so much that she had to finish him off in her mouth as she didn't want any cum on her fur coat as this would be total taboo. As she lay back in a haze of delight, her new found man dressed and left. She could only imagine what the rest of the trip would be like.

Blue Mink Coat

All of the girls were running around backstage trying to get ready for the show which was scheduled to start at any moment. This was to be the biggest fur show Paris had ever had and all of the top models were there. They had all been assigned there garments to wear with a time schedule as to who followed who and what time they had to be ready but it was still a fiasco as always backstage. The hair dressers were chasing the models to give them a last touch up and people with garments in hand right behind them. Somehow it would all turn out as it had done in past shows.

Sonia was the first to go on stage with her blue mink fur coat to match the rest of her outfit. Some of the buyers outside were from the sex industry and looking for something that not only good for fucking on but also good for the filming of their fur fetish videos. Other buyers were there to restock their shops with the latest fur styles. There was a large range to choose from, hats, muffs, coats, jackets, stoles, slippers there was even a g-string that looked ever so good on the model, she must have had a wax job.

There was just too much to do and the show started to run behind so an announcer was called on stage to explain what the next items were to be shown, of course this was all prearranged just encase there was a laps of girls on stage. It all got back on track, thanks to the announcer, with each girl modelling a few different items. It still remained a mess backstage with fur garments thrown all over the place after they were finished with. People were busy trying to gather them up and put them in their right places but to no avail, it would have to wait until the show had finished. As the last girl came off stage the fashion designers were finally able to mingle in the crowd to see what the people thought of their new lines. This was the time to make money and get as many orders as possible before some other company could get a hold of the new designs and sell them at a discount. The girls dawned the best and most expensive outfits and mingled with the crowd while showing off the garments in hopes that someone would buy them.

All Sonia wanted to do was take the blue mink fur coat home with her where she could fantasize about her sex life but it was not to be as all garments were accounted for. With her discount she thought maybe her boyfriend could buy it for her. She would encourage this by promising to have rampant sex on her new fur coat knowing that on such a garment this would be taboo. Finally he gave in and Sonia went home that night, not only happy about her new fur but as well, knowing just what plans lay in store to thank her boyfriend as well.

Love Nest

Mary had just moved to Spain and it was her first winter there, she didn't know what to expect weather wise. In the move from cold and wet old England she did remember to bring her fur coat with her even if she didn't need it. She had grown so accustom to the feel of fur next to her skin she often caressed it even during the summer months. Over the years it seamed that she had developed a fur fetish of sorts because when she touched her fur coat she became excited sexually.

One cold winters day she decided to take a walk down to the beach as she often did but this time it was different. The only thing she put on was her fur coat, the one she used in her latest fur fetish video for This was even more exciting to her being out in public knowing that there was nothing between her and her coat. As she walked along she became more and more excited, even to the point that she had to find a place to be alone or she would rub a hole in her pocket. She found a empty public toilet close by that beckoned her in. Making sure no one else was around to hear her moans she slowly parted her legs to give her access to her pulsating love nest. Caressing herself with the sleeve of her new mink fur coat, she had finally satisfied her urges she set off down to the beach to see if she could find any action. She had walked down this beach before and had noticed a young Spanish man lounging on his terrace that fronted the beach, she wondered if he would be there today.

As she walked along in the sand, her legs kept rubbing each other and once again the juices started to flow, where is a man when you need one she thought. Well it isn't to much further to the beach house she was looking for. As she approached his gate, introducing herself for the first time, she let her fur coat slip open revealing not only her bountiful breast but also her beautifully shaped blond Brazilian trim. As he set there taking in this unbelievable site, his manhood started to grow and all he could do was motion her inside. It was in the living room that he first had her, even though she was still draped in her fur coat, he couldn't get past licking her dry of all of the love juices that flowed from her beautiful love nest. He knew that this was taboo as he was married but his wife was shopping and what the hell, a quickie wouldn't hurt. As she took off her mink coat she slowly walked into the bed room where she spread her fur coat on the bed and proceeded to lay on top of it. As he penetrated her once more with his big penis he didn't notice his wife entering the room, but it was to late, she didn't care as she took off her cloths and joined into the mayhem. When they finished, all they could do was lay there and enjoy the moment. She would never forget this day or the location of the beach house and the next time she must make sure the wife is at home as well! Maybe even bring an extra fur coat for them to all make love on!

A Special Moment

It was late one afternoon and she was just finishing work. As she packed away her work clothes all she could think about was this weekend and how special it was going to be. When she finished putting away all of the clothes she had worn during this weeks shoot for theloveoffur there was one item left out, would they miss it, she only needed it for the weekend, it would be back in its place come Monday. The item she needed was a full length mink fur coat that she had been modelling, this would make her weekend complete. As she slowly walked out of the studio with the fur coat over her shoulder, just in case anyone ask she could say that she wasn't hiding it, just forgot to leave it in wardrobe. No one said anything to her as she exited the building and made for her car, a sleek little sports model just like her. As she drove out of the car park and up into the mountains a light snow started to fall which was going to make it that much better.

The little mountain cabin she headed for was the one her parents took her and her brother to for holidays in the summer. She often wondered what it would be like during the winter, all she knew was that it held a lot of really good memories and she wanted to share them with someone. Not just anyone but the man she was now in love with, it was not until recently she realized how important he was and she wanted to show him the best way she new how, that is why she invited him to the cabin for the weekend, her special place.

As she slowly approached the cabin all you could hear was the crunch from the tires on the new fallen snow, she was the first one here as she had planned it. She would make all the arrangements before he arrived. Her hair and make-up done including a wax job, in a more personal area which didn't hurt at all because it was for the man she loved, as she couldn't wait to see the look on his face. All that remained to do was to put the food and wine in the fridge, sort out the candles so when he open the door all he would see was her on a fur coat in front of the fire place, the perfect scenario for her new video on theloveoffur.

As she lay on the fur coat all she could think about was his arrival and her juices started to flow! She couldn't help but touch herself, but that would have to wait, it was to be the first time for them. All of a sudden she heard a car in the drive, she jumped to the window and peeked through the curtains and there he was in all his glory. She couldn't stop thinking about him and how much she wanted him to be inside of her. Quickly she lay back down on the fur coat, it was then she realized how much the fur itself was turning her on which only made her twist and wiggle more and more. She had to stop it as he was at the door and now was the time. As he slowly open the door to the darkened room all he could see was an outline on the floor in front of the roaring fire. As he got closer, the candle light revealed his girlfriend laying on top of a fur coat with not a stitch on. His eyes started at her feet and slowly worked their way along her body and when he reached the top of her legs he couldn't wait any longer. He started to rip off his clothes without a thought other than he had to have this woman. Once he was as naked, he slowly lowered himself down on top of her until they were touching. As she slowly spread her legs apart he gently put his manhood inside of her. It was then that her dreams came true, in the best place, and created that special moment in time.


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