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Smoking Hot Date starring Ashleigh Embers

Ashleigh Embers pleases you in ocelot fur coat
Ashleigh Embers smoking in her bedroom in ocelot fur coat
Ashleigh Embers smokes a cigarette wearing ocelot fur
Ashleigh Embers bending over a satin bed with ocelot fur coat and dildo

The striking Ashleigh Embers is your date from a special evening out. Inviting you to her bedroom, you stand chatting for a while, admiring her gorgeous ocelot coat and tight black dress underneath it while she lights up a cigarette. Watching her smoke soon gets you going - her too, as she teases you with her smoke and soft fur. Soon she climbs onto her sexy black satin sheeted bed, showing you her large full tits and smooth pussy before grabbing a large silver dildo to slide into herself! She builds to a climax loudly and quickly before calling you closer: maybe it's time for another smoke after sex together!

3 February 2014

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Mystic Minx starring Alyssa Divine

Alyssa Divine is overcome by the mystic of her soft chinchilla jacket

Gorgeous Alyssa Divine is a woman with a special psychic gift. She can reveal details of the former owner just by touching the fur, communing with the aura of each coat and stole. As you bring her a few vintage furs to examine, she tells you about each fur's history. However when she gets her hands on the chinchilla jacket, the lustful spirit of the fur overwhelms her, forcing her to strip off and finger herself furiously while cuddling the soft fur around her. The medium is possessed by lust - and so are we after seeing her in chinchilla!

10 June 2013

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Teasing in the Tub starring Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest fingers herself in a bath full of fur coats and stoles

Join the delightful Natalia Forrest enjoying one of her favourite activities: relaxing in a special fur bath! No messing about for her though: off with the towel and in she slides among the many furs to wriggle and writhe in them! Looks like she is having lots of fun in there – and more so when she clambers up to the edge of the tub in her lynx jacket to make very dirty use of her black fox boa. I think she might need a proper water bath after this fun – or a cold shower!

17 December 2012

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A Warming Winter Welcome starring Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd on her sexy fur bed in chinchilla fur jacket and purple satin

The delightful Jessica Lloyd stars in a more playful mood. What better way to warm up after a cold day out than to come back to a gorgeous blonde in nothing but a satin slip and a smile. Oh, and a big bed full of furs! She begs you to join her from beneath her fox and chinchilla jackets as she writhes seductively for you. And until you climb up to join her, she’ll just have to make do with the soft fur sleeves and hard white sex toy to play with. Poor Jessica: won’t one of you help keep her warm too?

3 December 2012

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One Lucky Boyfriend starring ScarletLovatt

Scarlet Lovatt plays with herself in black fox fur on her fur bed

Charming busty young blonde Scarlet Lovatt relaxes on a bed of furs awaiting the return of her boyfriend. Dressed only in a black bra and panties she plans what she might do with him with a simple black fox boa and what she might get up to herself with it first. She slips out of her lingerie for a little play, before riding her chinchilla jacket while wearing more black fox. Her boyfriend is in for a real treat when he returns home - and you are in for one until he does!

5 November 2012

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Girl meets Fur Bed starring Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd in sexy lingerie fishnet stockings and white rabbit fur jacket on her fur covered bed

Enjoy a very welcome return from Jessica Lloyd. And my, hasn't she grown in all the right ways since she was last with us?! The gorgeous busty blonde couldn't wait to get back among the furs for us and you all so we gave her a simple welcome back: a bed of furs to enjoy and abuse to her heart's content. Her sexy red and black corset and wicked fishnet stockings stay on - unlike her thong - as she rubs and rides the furs around her lustfully! Welcome back Jessica: she's missed a good furring and we missed seeing her do so!

30 April 2012

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Toying with her Toy starring Abigail Toyne

Abigail Toyne in ocelot fur coat bends over a chair for a toying

Abigail Toyne is a teasing and playful mistress. You must be early for your appointment with her but don't have to wait for long as she joins you by her favourite armchair in her peaked cap, leopard print corset, tight black skirt, black heels and vintage ocelot fur coat. But it's not all submission and suffering: if you are diligent in your chores she will reward you by allowing you to watch her special toy show - with her favourite black dildo.

2 April 2012

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Performance Appraisal starring Ashleigh McKensie

Ashleigh Mckensie in ocelot fur coat reviews your work

Ashleigh McKensie stars as your office boss taking the reins for your annual review. Her focus though seems to be more on your behaviour than your contributions but are you distracted enough by her vintage ocelot coat? Can she find out the right way to motivate and improve your performance at work - and will her fur mitten help?

30 January 2012

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New Year, Old Habits starring Danielle Maye

Danielle Maye teases you with her fur coats for New Year

Our first fur fetish scene of 2012 stars the sweet Danielle Maye. Coming out of your bathroom in her skimpy bra and panties, she catches you with a few furs already breaking your New Year's resolution. You know what that means: Danielle gets to tease you in them one last time and then away they go! Still - it will be fun while it lasts and the foxes, ocelot and chinchilla plus her huge dildo should give you plenty of memories for the year ahead!

9 January 2012

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Her Little Secret starring Syren Sexton

Syren Sexton lies on her bed among her rabbit fur coat collection

You catch naughty Syren Sexton in the spare bedroom cuddling up under a few furs. She confesses her fur fetish to you and invites you to watch her enjoying them, throwing you a few pieces to amuse yourself with while she rides and rubs before she reaches for her glass dildo to finish herself off. Another simple yet hot scene from Syren!

28 November 2011

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