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Party for One starring Kasia

big tits busty brunette kasia fur coat lynx nipples lingerie glamor hot model babe
kasia love of fur lynx jacket spotted real leggy european brunette babe big tits
hot brunette model kasia lynx fur coat garden wavy curls big lashes fetish babe
lynx fur coat fetish dildo sex toy brunette kasia model bench garden outdoor

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2 October 2017 N/A < 3 votes

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Garden of Delights starring Tia Saint

tia saint love of fur fetish lynx jacket garden fingering pussy hot british asian babe
tia saint love of fur fetish lynx jacket garden fingering pussy hot british asian babe
tia saint love of fur fetish lynx jacket garden fingering pussy hot british asian babe
tia saint love of fur fetish lynx jacket garden fingering pussy hot british asian babe

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24 March 2017 N/A < 3 votes

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Secrets of the Garden starring Vickie Powell

love of fur fetish garden fingering vickie powell black fox jacket outdoor milf
sxy milf black fur jacket coat fetish vickie powell love garden high heels leggy brunette
busty mature brunette model fox fur coat fetish vickie powell outdoor big tits
big tits fur coat masturbation phone mobile leggy garden outdoor vickie powell

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7 October 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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A Morning in Mink 2 starring Kacie James

kacie james love of fur fetish mistress mink coat garden fingering pussy outdoors sexy brunette babe
glamor babe kacie james girl in fur mink love blackglama fetish model glamour
sultry brunette girl kacie james love of fur mink jacket bum arse bending over
mink fur coat lingerie bra panties kacie james fingering pussy fetish garden outdoors

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19 August 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Garden Nymphette starring Chloe Toy

chloe toy love of fur fetish mistress lynx jacket dildo bum bending over arse
chloe toy lynx fur coat fetish outdoor garden pretty blonde babe british
lynx coat fur chloe toy blonde girl next door lynx jacket panties lingerie sexy
blonde babe dildo toy action fur fetish coat chloe toy lynx heels pussy gaping

Blonde starlet Chloe Toy is enjoying some time alone on a lovely summer's day waiting for her boyfriend. What is taking him so long, when she is all alone, wrapped up in a cute lynx fur jacket, sweet pink satin heels and just a sexy bra and pantie set underneath. She has temptation on her mind too and all ready to play with him when he arrives but can't wait for him so starts alone, rubbing the lynx fur between her legs and fingering herself silly before using her thick dildo to climax loudly in the lovely garden. What a vision in lynx - who could leave her waiting?

10 June 2016

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In The Summer Fur Time starring Cherry Blush

love of fur cherry blush mink coat garden sexy busty babe lingerie erotic
big tits busty brunette british cherry blush mink fur coat
curvy british brunette garden mink fur coat fetish toni leanne cherry blush
fur coat fetish cherry blush busty brit masturbates mink coat big tits

Curvy bubbly brunette Cherry Blush is all alone in the garden waiting for her boyfriend. It is a warm day though so although she and he both love fur she is only in a sexy bra and panties set and heels underneath her sleek black mink coat. But it is not just the summer sun raising her temperature: her hot mink is doing that well enough too! Slipping out of her mink and lingerie is the best way for her to cool down and wait for her boyfriend to join her - although that just brings out her passions even more! What a perfect way to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon outdoors!

31 August 2015

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A Secret Rendezvous starring Natalia Forrest

natalia forrest blue fox coat love of fur fingering masturbating model
hot brunette in fur natalia forrest fetish babe sexy garden
sexy babe natalia forrest fur coat lingerie bra panties secret garden
brunette babe bangs fur coat slutty natalia forrest fox furring wanking

Sweet and sexy Natalia Forrest is waiting in a most secret garden for a handsome guy to meet her on a cold spring day. Her sexy thick blue fox jacket seems to be keeping her warm though - especially as she's not wearing much underneath it! When her date arrives she reveals her sexy bra and panties behind the fur, then slips out of them to enjoy her jacket fully on the bench seat and rub and finger herself to orgasm with her thick fox! What a special secret spot Natalia seems to have found indeed!

25 May 2015

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Beside the Pool starring Fetish Liza

Fetish Liza sunbathe mink furs fur coat sunny bikini lingerie high heels
Fetish Liza fur fetish mink stole bikini outdoors
Fetish Liza mink fur breasts tits rubbing erotic sunshine
Fetish Liza stroking legs heels shoes mink fur stole

The sexy Fetish Liza is making the best of the spring sunshine. Join her in her leopard print bikini and mink throws and stole catching a few rays on her sun lounger beside the pool. While waiting on her and taking her drink and food orders, you can't help admire her gorgeous body, especially when she starts stroking the mink over her slender toned legs down to her high heels. When she retreats into the shade and slips off her top to gently, teasingly caress her tits with the soft mink stole - that's when your spring starts getting hotter too!

7 April 2014

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Exercising her Pet starring Fetish Liza

Mistress Fetish Liza in silver fox jacket and black leather boots walks in public

Venture outside for a stroll with Mistress Fetish Liza ... after she's let you out of your cage and attaches your collar and leash, that is. You follow her obediently as she leads you along the rocky paths, admiring her sleek black leather thigh boots and gloves, her sheer black negligee and soft thick silver fox jacket. The walk takes you to a charming wooden hut where she shows you her sexy outfit as you sit, watch and drool. Will you be a good boy for your mistress and receive her strokes and pats - or will you misbehave and find yourself left for good out in the cold?

9 December 2013

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In Stately Service starring Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette

Mistresses Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette tease you with amazing fox fur coats

Join two women in command for you to obey! Fox clad msitresses Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette have called you to the roof of their mansion for your worship today. You admire their kinky boots, leather outfits and fox jackets as they show you their fine grounds while smoking above you. Then they lead you into their fur vault to tease you and watch as you get aroused beneath them. Seeing them walk between those thick soft fox furs, cuddling and stroking each expensive coat and even rubbing you with their play fur stole might just become too much to bear ...

14 October 2013

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