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A Fuck in the Furs starring Niki and Michal

Blonde Niki in red fox fur coat rides Michal in hot fetish sex scene
Michal and Niki cuddle in fox furs as they get horny
Fur layers Niki sucks Michals hard cock
Michal bangs Niki hard in her soft fox fur coat

Curvy blonde sweetheart Niki cuddles up in furs with her boyfriend Michal. With Michal in red fox and Niki in silver fox worn inside out, this young couple kiss and cuddle before stripping out of their underwear. Niki settles down to suck Michal's hard cock and before long they start fucking: Michal pumping her hard as she lies on the sofa, and Niki riding him as they caress each other's body and fur before he shoots his cum over her tits!

5 May 2014

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A Ripple of Appreciation starring Tereza

Tereza layers her hot fox furs in the photo studio

Join demure Czech blonde Tereza alone with her furs on a summer's day in her studio. Maybe it's because she's naked, or maybe it's because her fan is blowing strongly towards her, but our icy blonde reaches for a few fox coats to help keep her warm, sensually cuddling and sliding into one (and two) foxes to escape the breeze. Her hands find a way through the long hairs of the coats though to stroke her breasts and body under them though - so she's clearly heating up once wearing her soft furs!

1 July 2013

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Sofa but So Fur starring Niki

Niki wears two fox fur coats in fur layers and fishnet stockings to paly with her sex toy

Curvy young European blonde Niki is back among the furs on her sofa. In her black bra, fishnet stockings, hooker high heels, raccoon hat and in several fox fur coats, she has found a new toy to play with today! Wasting no time while relaxing on her leather sofa, she reaches for her new red love beads as she strokes the fox sleeves around her and snuggles into the thick collars of her coats. Writhing around among the fox furs, she finds that this new toy is clearly going to become a firm but flexible favourite!

27 May 2013

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Fur Fuck in the Forest starring Niki and Michal

Niki wears two layers of fox fur in the forest as Michal fucks her

See nature in all of its glory as young fur lovers Niki and Michal take to the great outdoors with a few furs in tow for a furry fuck in the forest. Wearing nothing beneath their thick red fox fur jackets, Niki is soon bending over the bonnet of their car among the trees while Michal thrusts into her from behind, making her moan. After switching to lie on her back for a little bit, the furry delights in the cool air become too much for Michal, who shoots his cum over Niki's inner silver fox fur! Time to get back to nature for us all!

22 April 2013

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Petting her Pelts starring Tereza

Tereza is alone in her studio again wearing and laying on soft fox fur coats

Join the sexy but silent Tereza in her fur studio. Among her special range of sumptuous thick fox furs this week, she also finds some full fur skins and pelts to enjoy too. Wrapping her hot naked body up in the coats and jackets, layering two or three at a time, she also starts stroking the sleeves and pelts over her breasts and between her legs. It's getting hotter in that studio by the minute: just imagine sliding among those furs with the gorgoeus blonde together!

15 April 2013

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The Ice Queen Wraps Up starring Jana

Jana layers up in many fox fur coats in the studio

New Czech blondeJana is back in the studio enjoying another pile of thick furs at her feet. Fur Queen Jana must be feeling the cold in her sexy lace trimmed bra and panties and leather boots as she smothers herself in the thick furs. Wearing up to four furs at once, she may look stern but strokes and cuddles up in the furs for her own satisfaction and pleasure. Don't you want to get lost in the layers of fox and rabbit surrounding her? Will our Ice Queen melt your heart?

1 April 2013

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Share and Share Alike starring Jana and Niki

Jana and Niki share thick soft fox fur coats together for the camera

Our fun new Czech blonde Niki is joined by her slim blonde friend Jana in the fur studio. Clad only in skimpy bra and panties but with many lush thick fox fur coats around, the girls take turns dressing each other in the furs, often two at once! Cue some sensual stroking and fondling of each soft fur and cuddling up together too, before snuggling into a pile of the furs together towards the end. Who could resist such gorgeous playful girls and such fabulous furs to play with?!

18 March 2013

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One Toy and Three Furs starring Niki

Niki enjoys her dildo alone wearing many fox fur coats

A welcome back to lovely blonde Niki who is enjoying her fox furs again! No special setup: just give a gorgeous young woman in red bra and panties and bed with three thick fox furs on and let her get wrapped up in them! Before long, she's slipping out of her knickers and sliding a large thick clear dildo inside herself. To finish off, she wears all three foxes at once! She's hot - and hot!

4 March 2013

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Fun in the Fur Studio starring Tereza

Tereza gets her chance to enjoy the fox fur coats alone in the studio

Welcome another newcomer as charming Czech babe Tereza joins our fold. A simple set as the naked blonde stunner soon finds a way to warm up with the many fox furs around her, wearing one and sometimes two at once. Watch her pose and tease you as the wind from the studio fans ripples through her hair and the furs. Just imagine joining her to stroke the furs around her - and her around in the fur!

18 February 2013

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Boy Meets Girl 1 starring Niki and Michal

Niki and Michal wear matching red fox fur jackets for sex

In our first ever boy-girl scene, sexy sweet blonde Niki is relaxing on her bed of furs in her black bra and panties with fishnet stockings when stud Michal comes to join her. The couple kiss and get so horny trying on the many fox furs around them that they get naked under the fox furs together and start fucking in several positions before Michal shoots his cum all over the back of Niki's black jacket!

28 January 2013

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