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That First Touch starring Slave Scarlett

Milf Slave Scarlett in blue fox fur coat strokes her furs
Redhead Scarlett sunggles into crystal fox fur jacket
Mink coat mature scarlett strokes her blue fox fur
Milf in mink Slave Scarlett rubs her big tits with fox fur

Mature buxom newcomer Slave Scarlett experiencing her first touch of fur ever. Settling into her first shoot, she finds some furs in the studio dressing room so takes her time to feel and caress them. Starting in her fishnet top and a blue fox coat, she slowly strokes and feels the other mink and fox jacket in the room, trying them on for their touch, sensuality and glamour. You know what the love of fur meant to you on your first time: now so does lucky Scarlett!

28 July 2014

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A Debut in Fur starring Slave Scarlett

Mature BBW Slave Scarlett rubs big tits on fur bed
Milf Slave Scarlett in crystal fox fur jacket by bed of fur coats
BBW Scarlett in blue lingerie and bra and fox fur coat
Scarlett in fur jacket shows her huge breasts

BBW milf and first time fun loving amateur Slave Scarlett is a bit shy for her debut fur scene but soon gets into the hang of it all as she feels the different furs on the bed beneath her. Removing her lacy bra she rubs the furs against her large tits, and starts to sigh and moan as the fox, mink and chinchilla skins start to work their magic on her body! A lucky lady indeed to enjoy such sensual pleasure and feel the love of fur for the first time.

16 June 2014

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Fur Therapy 6: A Foxy Fantasy starring Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix plays therapist in blue fox fur jacket and glasses

Enjoy a return to the therapists couch where Shay Hendrix leads this session. Settling into your hypnotic trance under her guidance, her blouse and short skirt are soon replaced by a thick luscious blue fox jacket. She settles into the soft furs around her looking to get to the bottom of your fur fetish fantasies. Dressed like that though, she may create a few new foxy fantasies of your own!

14 January 2013

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The Perfect Christmas Gift starring Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix settles on to her fur bed in a red fox fur coat

The shapely and lucky Shay Hendrix has clearly been nice enough - or naughty enough - to receive some huge foxes as her Christmas present from her favourite man this year: you! She poses in each of her new gifts for you, slipping out of her red evening dress and black lingerie between swapping thick soft fox coats. But how can she thank you for her gorgeous presents? Maybe the spread of them over your large bed will show her how?

24 December 2012

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A Furry First Date starring Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix enjoys her black and brown mink furs in the kitchen

Bubbly gorgeous Shay Hendrix is your partner on a first date. How lucky are you when she shows up in a cute little rabbit jacket?! And how much luckier do you get when she invites you back to her place to show off her other furs - and one of her mother's favourite furs too while wearing nothing underneath! When she reveals her special glass sex toy too trimmed with soft fur and slides it inside her while bent over the kitchen cabinets, you know that this will be a first date to remember!

12 November 2012

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Taken to the Cleaners starring Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix models huge fox fur coats in a furrier store

Furrier assistant Shay Hendrix is just about to close up the store when you turn up with one of your foxes for cleaning. Ever eager on pleasing her customers and with a keen eye for a sale, she tempts you by trying on a few long fox coats looking for a buyer. Could you resist making such a purchase, especially once she has slipped out of her blouse and skirt to show her fabulous body off underneath the thick furs. Time for a special after-hours lock in and to grab that massage mitten!

15 October 2012

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Fur Therapy 5: Delving Deeper starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss shows off her rail of fur jackets wearing silver fox fur

It's the turn of Holly Kiss to sit in the therapist's chair and time for your monthly session. A different treatment for you this time as Dr Holly probes your subconscious fur fantasies through hypnosis - and look where that leads you! Suddenly she appears before you with a rail of long haired furs wearing lingerie and stockings underneath her silverfox jacket and headband. Perhaps that will help her get to the bottom of your deepest desires or maybe she'll need to book you for many more sessions to explore your love for fur.

8 October 2012

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Perks of the Job starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss bends over in red fox fur in her kitchen

Sultry redhead Holly Kiss is a housewife in need of assistance. As a willing handyman you are only too happy to look at her oven and dishwasher for her while admiring her long shapely legs and rabbit fur jacket. Clearly she likes the attention though and returns to thank you in a long red fox coat, red bra and panties and red high heeled shoes. Her bra and panties don't stay on for long as she gives you a full view of her curves and charms before squatting in front of you to finger herself. If only all house calls were like this - and all housewives too!

17 September 2012

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Weekly Fur Worship starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss dominates you in black mink fur coat

Discover more of the dark side of striking redhead Holly Kiss. It's time for your weekly fur worship session and Madame Kiss is running late. Storming into the lounge she doesn't have time to strip from her black mink coat before she cuffs and gags you with her fur toys and starts stroking and whipping you with a fox boa. You kneel and lie before her as she slides off her tight shiny shorts and pulls her firm breasts out for a little fur play of their own. She may even let you masturbate with her fox boa as she brings herself off too - but don't make a mess of her furs!

27 August 2012

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A Review Too Fur starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss fingers herself on a table in blue fox fur coat and black stockings

Sultry redhead Holly Kiss is your office boss - and it's time for another performance review. It seems that Ms Kiss has also noted your fascination for fox fur coat and her stockinged legs - but how can she get you to focus on your workload at hand? Perhaps stripping from her sexy skirt suit for a private fur show in her office every Monday morning will do just the trick? It would work for me!

9 July 2012

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