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That First Touch starring Slave Scarlett

Milf Slave Scarlett in blue fox fur coat strokes her furs
Redhead Scarlett sunggles into crystal fox fur jacket
Mink coat mature scarlett strokes her blue fox fur
Milf in mink Slave Scarlett rubs her big tits with fox fur

Mature buxom newcomer Slave Scarlett experiencing her first touch of fur ever. Settling into her first shoot, she finds some furs in the studio dressing room so takes her time to feel and caress them. Starting in her fishnet top and a blue fox coat, she slowly strokes and feels the other mink and fox jacket in the room, trying them on for their touch, sensuality and glamour. You know what the love of fur meant to you on your first time: now so does lucky Scarlett!

28 July 2014

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A Debut in Fur starring Slave Scarlett

Mature BBW Slave Scarlett rubs big tits on fur bed
Milf Slave Scarlett in crystal fox fur jacket by bed of fur coats
BBW Scarlett in blue lingerie and bra and fox fur coat
Scarlett in fur jacket shows her huge breasts

BBW milf and first time fun loving amateur Slave Scarlett is a bit shy for her debut fur scene but soon gets into the hang of it all as she feels the different furs on the bed beneath her. Removing her lacy bra she rubs the furs against her large tits, and starts to sigh and moan as the fox, mink and chinchilla skins start to work their magic on her body! A lucky lady indeed to enjoy such sensual pleasure and feel the love of fur for the first time.

16 June 2014

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