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An Invitation to Bed starring Crystal Coxxx

Crystal Coxxx seduces you under her silver fox fur jacket on her furry bed

The sexy Crystal Coxxx indulges your desires on a fur covered bed. Miss Coxxx crawls towards you in her lacy red bra and panties under a soft silver fox jacket, looking deep into your eyes and beckoning you closer. She slips out of her lingerie and snuggles into her fox fur and the soft furry bed, gazing at you while rubbing the fox and a fur mitten around her breasts, between her thighs and against her pussy. This is an invitation you cannot turn down!

7 October 2013

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Detective Fur Hire: Part 2 starring Crystal Coxxx and Tiffany Naylor

Tiffany Naylor licks Crystal Coxxx as they writhe among the soft fur bed

Suspected young thief Crystal Coxxx returns home and is confronted by feisty detective Tiffany Naylor about her crimes. However why is Tiffany only wearing a black mink coat, stockings, suspenders and heels? And what plans does she have for the young felon before bringing her in? As Crystal strips under orders, ready for a furring and toying with her stolen items, it seems like she will get some rough justice indeed!

23 September 2013

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The End of the Line starring Crystal Coxxx

Crystal Coxxx calls her boyfriend wearing black fox fur jacket and fishnet stockings

Crystal Coxxx is recovering in a black fox jacket, fishnet stockings and heels after her trail of fur experience, she receives a phone call from her boyfriend who left the special gifts for her to find. He begins talking dirty to her and Crystal starts getting turned on again, rubbing the furs over her body and grinding into the soft fox coats beneath her. As she settles back for another furious fingering among the foxes, she tells her lover to race home to join her - and complete her afternoon with a furry fuck!

26 August 2013

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The Trail of Fur starring Crystal Coxxx

Crystal Coxxx in fishnet stockings and high heels finds a trail of fox fur coats to explore

Join sexy Crystal Coxxx following a little trail. Someone has left a mysterious calling card and some luscious fur jackets for her to find as she comes home from work. Starting with a lynx jacket in her hallway, Crystal travels deeper into the flat - trying on each fur that she finds and stripping off her casual work top and skirt as each fur makes her feeler hotter and sexier! By the time she reaches her fur-covered sofa, she's desperate for some fur play - and finds a little glass toy to help her enjoy her lucky furry finds. What a way to relax after work!

22 July 2013

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Under Her Command starring Crystal Coxxx

Mistress Crystal Coxxx commands you in red fox fur coat red patent boots and whip

Lovely young star Crystal Coxxx is showing her dominant streak - and keeping you firmly in your place. You creep into her chamber and kneel before her as commanded, while she chides and instructs you wearing a tight black rubber top and skirt, kink red patent leather boots, a sharp military cap and long red fox coat over her shoulders. After telling you off, she reaches for some fur items to tease you with - and whip you with - before commanding you to masturbate in front of her! Hopefully her black fox boa won't get in the way though ...

17 June 2013

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Teasing, Kissing, Spanking starring Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx

Tiffany Naylor gives Crystal Coxxx a sensual fur mitten massage on their bed of fur coats

New girls Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx share a bed of furs together right in front of you! Wearing nothing but a fox jacket each resting on their shoulders, they settle onto the bed and into each other's arms, kissing and teasing you as you watch them rub the furs on each other. As they roll on the bed together, Tiffany suggests a little game to Crystal: can she guess what sort of fur she is being stroked with? A kiss for a right guess - and a spank for a wrong one? How well will she do - and how well would you do?

3 June 2013

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A Design Fur Success starring Crystal Coxxx

Crystal Coxxx strips off into chinchilla fur on her designing table

Sexy young brunette newcomer Crystal Coxxx stars as an up and coming - and cumming - fashion designer looking to work vintage furs into her new collection. While she gives her thoughts on what she wants to do with the furs on the table in front of her, you can't help but admire her shapely body and long legs under her tight skirt and denim top. Spotting your admiring looks, especially in the chinchilla and fox jackets, she starts to enjoy teasing you - before spreading out on the fur-covered table to give you a design for what she really wants from the furs!

30 April 2013

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