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Fur Therapy 11: Nothing but Fur Part 2 starring Sapphire Blue

fur fetish mink coat sapphire blue hot blonde babe fingering masturbating open leg pussy
sexy sapphire blue babe couch mink fur coat fetish bra panties trance hypnosis love of fur
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We're back on the therapist's couch with the sexy Sapphire Blue as she continues her session. With her tension rising in her hypnotic trance, she can't help herself but slip out of her silky dress and lacy bra and knickers to feel the full eroticism of her smooth mink coat against her naked skin. Rubbing the fur against her breasts and between her legs becomes too much for her subconscious thoughts, and carried away by her lust she starts fingering herself furiously in from of you! What will satisfy her wanton desires - except more fur, and more counselling?

27 April 2015 N/A < 3 votes

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Fur Therapy 11: Nothing but Fur Part 1 starring Sapphire Blue

blonde model fingering pussy mink fur coat fetish sapphire blue satin dress
sapphire blue mink fur coat fetish long blonde hair lounge therapy
therapy couch fur fetish addiction mink coat sapphire blue blonde babe
satin dress mink fur coat panties fingering blonde sexy model couch

The gorgeous Sapphire Blue on the therapist's couch for her first session. Seems like she also has an obsession with sexy fur coats and is happy to explain her fantasies and experiences to her therapist while caressing her sleek black mink coat. She lies back on the couch and relaxes into her trance to reveal more details of her passions, but even subconsciously her lust gets the better of her. Slipping open her mink, she hitches her dress up and slides her eager fingers into her lace panties to relieve her tension. Let's hope sessions like this never end!

23 March 2015 N/A < 3 votes

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Behind the Lens starring Sapphire Blue

fur fashion model sapphire blue stockings heels mink coat fox hat
blonde bombshell fox fur jacket sapphire blue photoshoot model
sapphire blue fox fur fetish headband hat coat tits breasts blonde model
sexy blonde masturbation stockings love of fur coat fetish sapphire blue mitten high heels fox jacke

Gorgeous blonde fashion model Sapphire Blue is your glamor girl for the day, happily posing away in her sheer black lacey lingerie and stockings and bright red high heels. Luckily you have brought along some furs for her to pose in too, so she takes turns posing in them for some shots. But what happens when you leave her alone for a few minutes with all those furs and who could resist not making full use of the gorgeous coats on set? She soon settles back under the lights to finger herself furiously to a quick climax before her cameraman returns!

9 March 2015

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Fingers, Feet and Fur starring Sapphire Blue

fox fur coat blonde busty babe sapphire blue fetish
sapphire blue fox fur fetish jacket heels classy elegant british blonde
fox fur lingerie stole fetish seduction sexy sapphire blonde
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Gorgeous busty young blonde Sapphire Blue is home alone and left to amuse herself with a blue fox fur jacket and black fox boa - but what more entertainment does a girl need? She teases you in her fox before slipping out of her tight smart dress and pale lingerie and heels to caress, stroke and finger herself senseless in the fur, sliding her fingers and feet through the seductive hairs as she builds up to her orgasm. It's not hard to see why she loves fur - and deserves more time to enjoy it alone, or with company ...

23 February 2015

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A Duty of Care starring Sapphire Blue

sapphire blue fur fetish mink coat lingerie stockings maid masturbation
french maid sexy blonde sapphire blue fur mink coat fetish stockings
hot blonde fur fetish mink jacket sapphire blue british bombshell
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Maid Sapphire Blue is cleaning up after a busy night for her ladyship. The bathroom is a mess but first she has to clean her employer's mink coat: luckily Sapphire knows just how to look after it, but what would such a willing young servant do with such a fur of her own? Time for our sexy maid to show you, stripping out of her skimpy outfit and finding a sex toy to indulge her dirtiest desires right there in the bathroom! Good thing she knows how to clean such prized possessions!

26 January 2015

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Out with the Old starring Sapphire Blue

sapphire blue blonde model fur coat crystal fox big tits busty stockings lingerie
fur fetish fox coat sapphire blue high heels repossessed house
sexy blonde bombshell sapphire blue fox fur coat stripping topless breasts
sapphire blue fur fetish fucking dildo stockings lingerie blonde babe

Sexy blonde bombshell Sapphire Blue is a rich property developer examining a very rundown repossessed house. Her builders are running late and she's clearly too well dressed for any manual work in her smart dress, stockings, black heels, lingerie and long crystal fox coat. But why not have a wank while she waits impatiently for them, even in such squalor! Will her workmen return before she gets off with her long pink dildo - and if they do, what will they do to her?!

29 December 2014

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Fur Therapy 9: A Gentle Touch Part 2 starring Sapphire Blue

Busty blonde Sapphire Blue shows her big tits in crystal fox fur coat
Sapphire Blue rubs her bosom in black fox fur
Sapphire Blue in lace silk bra and panties stockings high heels fox fur jacket
Sexy Sapphire Blue rubs fox fur sleeve against her pussy in stockings

The sexy Sapphire Blue continues delving deeper into your fur fantasies. Beneath her crystal fox jacket, she caresses her big tits with a fox fur sleeve before sliding the soft fur and eager hands down her body, over her sheer stockings and between her legs. Pulling her silk and lace panties to the side, she starts rubbing the fox against her pussy and finally starts to understand what a love for fur can be! She'll be needing to see you again soon - to explore your mutual fur fantasies together!

28 April 2014

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Fur Therapy 9: A Gentle Touch Part 1 starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue crystal fox fur jacket bra panties stockings lingerie
Sapphire Blue in office blouse skirt stockings silver fox fur coat
Sexy Sapphire Blue in silver fox fur jacket close-up
Busty Sapphire Blue gorgeous lacy bra crystal fox fur coat

The charming Sapphire Blue stars in another special therapy session. In her smart white blouse and short black skirt, showing the tops of her stockings, the busty blonde bombshell asks you questions about your love of fur before collecting a few fox furs of her own to draw out your deepest fantasies and responses. Stripping down to her lacy bra and panties under a crystal fox jacket helps too - as she starts to explore her own feelings for fur. Maybe the therapist has some questions of her own to answer too!

21 April 2014

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Sensual Slavery starring Sapphire Blue and Ashleigh Embers

Mistress Ashleigh Embers Slave Sapphire Blue fox fur femdom fetish
Ashleigh Embers fox fur domination on slave Sapphire Blue with chinchilla glove
Ashleigh Embers in silver fox fur bdsm kissing slave Sapphire Blue breast
Sapphire Blue takes a dildo from Ashleigh Embers in silver fox fur jacket

Poor slave Sapphire Blue is bound to a cross and naked except for a little bit of fox fur. Mistress Ashleigh Embers in a big silver fox fur jacket and hat is ready though and teases and torments her slave girl with her fur and paddle as subbie Sapphire wriggles helplessly. A chinchilla and sable mitten is not all she gets between her legs though - as Mistress soon has her slave girl bent over a bench for a furious fucking from her dildo. Hear Sapphire moan and howl at her mistress's deeds - but will she prove worthy of another session?

31 March 2014

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The Lady in Red starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue in sexy red lingerie black stockings black high heels and black fox fur
Sapphire Blue strokes her stockings in red lace and black fox fur
Sapphire Blue rubs her breast with her black fox fur stole
Sapphie Blue loves playing with her fur massage mitten

Our sexy curvy blonde vixen Sapphire Blue stars in a belated Valentine's Day scene. Gorgeous Sapphire is reclining alone, in a lacy red dress, black sheer stockings, sexy red high heels and nicely trimmed in soft black fox fur. She teases and writhes on her chaise lounge, stroking her stockings and running her fingers through the thick fur around her until she can take no more! Her red dress and matching red panties are soon moved to reveal her full breasts and moist pussy - which soon receives the loving forceful touch of her fox stole and her fur play mitten too! You'll love Sapphire - as she's loving her furs!

17 February 2014

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