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What the Butler Saw starring Sally Taylor

Milf Sally Taylor in mink coat rubs her big tits with fur mittens
Sexy mature sally Taylor at home in her mink fur coat and bag
Saucy Sally Taylor opens her fur coat and rubs her stockings lingerie and breasts in fur
Fur rubbing fun with British milf Sally Taylor in mink

Join the elegant charms of sexy madame Sally Taylor in her stately bedroom. As butler to sexy saucy Sally, you assist her with her needs, watching and enjoying her in her long sexy mink coat and attending to her every need. Returning after one such errand, you find her stripped down to just her lingerie under her fur coat, sliding a soft fur mitten around her ample breasts and over her stockinged thighs. Time to watch and serve her more then as she reaches out towards you with her mitten ...

22 September 2014

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Fur Therapy 10: A Risky Refurral starring Sally Taylor

Sexy milf Sally Taylor snuggles up in her silver fox coat and hat
Saucy Sally Taylor strokes her fox stole in sheer blouse
Mature bbw sexy saucy Sally in her office wearing silver fox fur jacket and headband
Sally Taylors stockings and heels rub her fox fur stole

Hot sensual milf Sally Taylor welcomes you into her therapy office for another session of self-help. But as she's stroking her soft fox fur stole and your eyes examine her curves under her sheer blouse, tight skirt, stockings and high heels, it seems like her techniques might be helping you in other ways. Once she appears in her thick silver fox jacket and hat though, it seems like it's time for your regular session of self-abuse over a gorgeous milf in fox fur! Go on then: have one on Sally - better out that in!

18 August 2014

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Boot and Fur Worship starring Sally Taylor

Milf mistress in fox fur coat fur handcuffs and stockings Sally Taylor
Sexy Sally Taylor is your milf dominatrix in a blue fox fur coat
Black kinky leather boots need licking and fox fur coat needs stroking
Fetish mistress Sally Taylor fingers herself in fox fur coat and leather dress and boots

Our milf madame, sexy Saucy Sally Taylor, will see you now in her dungeon, wearing her tight black pvc dress, sheer pantyhose, long black leather boots and blue fox fur coat. Mistress Sally calls you in to worship at her feet, admiring and cleaning her kinky boots as she teases you about her thick fox coat. Let's hope you do a good job and please her. Maybe you'll serve her so well that she will cuff you in fox too and then masturbate in front of you!

21 July 2014

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Too Close Fur Comfort starring Sally Taylor

Sexy milf Sally Taylor in crystal fox fur cuddles her lynx jacket
Sally Taylor in sexy black evening dress with her collection of fur coats
Classy mature model Sally strokes her fox fur coat on her sofa
Gorgeous older mature in lynx fur jacket saucy Sally Taylor

You return to find bubbly milf Sally Taylor still with her furs by the sofa and looking rather relieved that you made it back. But now that you are back, it's your turn to enjoy her soft fur jackets! Snuggling into her crystal fox to tease you first, she then changes into her lynx fur jacket so that you can stroke, rub and play with her fox fur! This time there'll be no disturbances or interruptions - so settling into Sally's furs and enjoy them!

23 June 2014

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Caught by the Landlady starring Sally Taylor

Milf in mink fur Sally Taylor strokes stockings with fox coat
Sexy cougar Sally Taylor sits among her soft fur coats
Stern Sally Taylor in lynx fur jacket tells you off
Sally Taylor in mink fur jacket rubs her pussy with crystal fox

Saucy landlady Sally Taylor has her suspicions that you have been secretly playing with her furs again. She confronts you in her lounge and a black dress, stockings and selection of her furs, showing you each one and trying some on before she sees how hard they make you. But your secret is safe with game girl Sally - who also loves her furs and soon pulls her panties aside to rub her pussy while caressing her crystal fox coat between her legs. But what if someone else discovers your shared secret now ...?

9 June 2014

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Late Night Diner starring Sally Taylor

Milf Sally Taylor in black fox fur coat and stockings fingers her pussy
Mature Sally Taylor in black fur jacket stockings in diner
Sexy Sally Taylor in black fur coat stocking fetish
Sally Taylor milf in fur masturbates on diner counter

Sexy saucy Sally Taylor is the last customer in the diner before it closes for the evening, dressed in her sexy party dress, black hold-up stockings, high heels and a black fox fur jacket. And what a saucy customer she is! Flirting and teasing with you as you chat about her fur and plans for the night, flashing her pussy at you and then climbing onto the bar to finger herself to a climax while you watch! Wonder who she'll be going home with tonight to satisfy her needs!

26 May 2014

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