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Alone at Last starring Lana Cox

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Our favourite Russian milf Lana Cox finds some quiet time alone with you towards the end of a party. Seems that you have definitely caught her eye, as she caught yours in her stunning thick fox fur jacket and tight black lace dress. Finding a quiet corner to chat with you further, she knows what she wants from you, and what you want to see: her stripping down to expose her wonderful curves and charms to you from under her soft fur. What a dleight Lana is too, so appealing in her fur and so keen to play for you with her blue dildo. Once she has finished enjoying herself though, maybe you'll get the chance to enjoy her in her fur too!

8 April 2016

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A Gentle Warning starring Lana Cox

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Our favourite mature Russian fur lover Lana Cox is your work boss, having a quiet word with you before the big office party. She won't allow you to continue to harass the junior female staff and wants you to control your behaviour, yet understands your needs too - as they are clear from your reaction to her sexy satin blouse, tight skirt and thick fox fur jacket. Seems like a moment of executive relief may help control your urges before the evening continues, so leggy Lana Strips down to her lacy white lingerie, smothers herself in her so-soft fox and reveals all to you. As you masturbate for her pleasure, remember to follow her wishes: even a gentle word can be very rewarding!

29 February 2016

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Spoilt Fur Choice starring Lana Cox

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mink coat lingerie bra panties knickers lana cox fur fetish glamor model
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Sexy Russian cougar Lana Cox is showing off a selection of her favourite furs in her boudoir. Lana loves fur: wearing fur, feeling fur, shopping for fur - and making love in furs! Sit back and relax while she shows you a small selection of her favourite furs, revealing a lacy pink bra and panties set underneath the mink and fox fur coats as she changes. Enjoy it more as she takes off her lingerie and rubs her big firm tits and wet pussy with her chinchilla massage mitten, moaning and writhing on her chaise longue and the mitten brings her to a hot climax! What a way to show her love for fur!

8 February 2016

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Fur Therapy 12: An Expert's Opinion starring Lana Cox

love of fur fetish lana cox russian cougar milf fox coat lingerie big tits
lana cox sex therapist fur coat fetish milf blonde model office wear
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Gorgeous russian fur icon Lana Cox talks through your passions with you in her lounge and gets to the heart of your lust for fur. It helps when she slips into two luxurious fur coats while you talk, covering her sharp business outfit with a long mink coat first, then stripping down to her lacy lingerie and stockings to cover in her long thick crystal fox coat! Testing your love further with her softest fur massage mitten, Lana shows her expertise in the fur field - and reveals her own deep addiction to fur fetishism too!

11 January 2016

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At Your Command starring Lana Cox

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Gorgeous Russian milf Lana Cox is alone with you in her play dungeon - however this time you are the one in charge! No stern looks or harsh words from gorgeous Lana as she is at your command and there for your pleasure, in her soft thick silver fox jacket and slinky lingerie. Fulfilling your wishes and desires, lovely Lana reveals her firm round breasts and willing pussy underneath her lingerie, then relaxes on to the dungeon floor with a huge purple dildo. If there's any else that you want her to do for you, just ask: after all, she is at your command!

14 December 2015

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Let's Just Play starring Lana Cox

leggy lana cox love of fur fox boa stole busty blonde milf masturbation
fur coat fetish fox jacket hat headband lana cox russian cougar
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Our wonderful Russian goddess Lana Cox is back with us. Last time was just for you, but this time is just for her! She needs some quality time with her new fox tail boa so settle back and enjoy her ride with her. Starting with her soft crystal fox jacket and silver fox headband, she slips out of the coat to reveal her sexy sheer negligee, but soon pulls that aside too to passionately rub her fox furs all over her body. As the pleasure of the thick fox tails caress her large firm breasts and wet pussy, you know that she is loving her furs. So sit back, grab a fur for yourself and enjoy the fun with her!

28 September 2015

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Working Late starring Lana Cox

sexy fur fetish lana cox fox coat masturbation stockings office high heels
lana fox leggy fur fetish fox coat office secretary boss pa milf cougar
crystal fox fur coat fetish lana cox russina blonde milf love of fur
big tits in fur coat russian blonde model lana cox fetish glasses

Stunningly sexy Russian minx Lana Cox is working late in her office. Her sharp business attire is perfectly matched by her long thick crystal fox fur coat, the perfect coat for the cold night air. But no need for her to rush home in such an outfit when she can strip down to her sheer lingerie, silk stockings and designer heels and soft coat to enjoy some time to herself after hours. Working late can have its advantages, especially for the privacy of a post work fingering wrapped up in her gorgeous fur! Imagine having her as your work colleague!

17 August 2015

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Just Fur You starring Lana Cox

lana cox mink fur coat fetish dildo toying masturbation milf cougar
love of fur lana cox mink coat fur fetish lounge stockings high heels
sexy russian milf cougar fur coat mink corset stockings pussy lana cox
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A special treat just for you! Your favourite fur loving model Lana Cox has shot a personal video for you to thank you for her new mink fur coat gift. After modelling it for you, she shows you what lies beneath it: a sexy corset, pink stockings, high heels and little else. The she slides back onto the couch to show you how much she loves her new fur coat. Her thick sex toy helps her satisfy her love for her new fur too - until you get back home to join her, that is!

20 July 2015

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Lady in Waiting starring Lana Cox

love of fur fetish lana cox russian milf cougar fox jacket corset stockings big tits
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busty blonde glamor model lana cox fur coat big tits fetish
fur masturbation fetish leggy lana cox fingering fox jacket stockings

Sexy blonde cougar Lana Cox finds herself alone in a hotel waiting for her lover. There's no doubt what she is waiting for though as underneath her thick blue fox chubby jacket she is only wearing a sexy black lace corset, panties and stockings. Waiting in such an outfit can take its toll though with so much sensual fur to cuddle in, and soon she is rubbing the thick fox over her heaving boobs and against her wet pussy! Her guest can wait - this is her personal fur time time and she's loving every second of it!

22 June 2015

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Assessing the Damage starring Lana Cox

lana cox mink love of fur coat big tits busty blonde russian sex goddess
russian beauty fur coat mink lana cox model designer high heels ruined apartment
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Divine fur goddess Lana Cox finds her old apartment in a terrible state as the previous tenants have trashed it, leaving a burnt out shell of a former home. When the assessor arrives to view the damage, he finds leggy Lana wearing a sexy long mink coat and shocked by the condition of the flat, but not as shocked as he is when she takes a fancy to him and reveals a sexy sheer dress underneath the fur - with her heaving bosom and wet pussy! Settling onto a cleanish chair, she gives him something else to survey and assess: her deep love for fur!

1 June 2015

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