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Mistress Charlotte's Web starring Charlotte Elizabeth

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Sexy blonde Charlotte Elizabeth plays your young dominatrix in silver fox! You enter her chambers to find her wearing her favourite fox with a matching headband over a black sequined dress, sheer stockings and expensive designer high heels. But you know why you are there and she knows that you've been abusing her furs secretly. You stand naked before her as she strips out of her dress, exposing her slim body, firm breasts and shaved pussy under the fur to you and then orders you to masturbate for her. Best do as Mistress wants!

20 April 2015

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Home Alone: Part 2 starring Charlotte Elizabeth

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Sweet sexy blonde Charlotte Elizabeth is still enjoying her time alone. Slipping off the fox jacket she slides into the sleek black mink coat hanging up she caresses its smooth silky pelts over her sensitive skin, loving every moment of the feeling. But when the man of the house returns to catch her alone in his wife's furs, trouble is bound to ensue - unless Charlotte can convince him otherwise. Maybe the sight of her slim naked body underneath the mink will be enough to keep her little secret safe ... for now.

30 March 2015

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Home Alone: Part 1 starring Charlotte Elizabeth

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The sweet sexy blonde Charlotte Elizabeth playing home help for a rich local lady. Alone in the house while tidying Madame's bedroom, she can't resist touching the lady's soft fur coats. With time on her hands though, who would know if she stops her work to try one of those coats on? Slipping into the crystal fox jacket proves irresistible - so much so that she quickly strips off her casual outfit to wear and feel the fox fur over her slim naked body. But why stop at just the fox fur ... the mink is waiting for part 2!

16 March 2015

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A Valentine's Vixen starring Charlotte Elizabeth

fur fetish fox jacket charlotte elizabeth paris love of fur sensual classy elegant
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Sweet slim blonde Charlotte Elizabeth about to head out for a special Valentine's Day night. But before she does so, she's going to give you all a special treat! She adores her silver fox fur jacket and looks so elegant in her fur over her tight cream dress, seamed stockings and designer high heels. What a stunning date she would be, more so when back home alone with her, as she shows when she slips out of her tight dress and starts to smoulder into her fox fur jacket, and naughty fox play mitten. Charlotte in such fox furs is a dream come true for any lover ... of fur!

16 February 2015

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Nursing Your Arousal starring Charlotte Elizabeth

sexy nurse fur coat fetish charlotte elizabeth paris blonde stockings heels hospital
hot blonde nurse fetish uniform stockings fur coat
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Charlotte Elizabeth is a very sexy nurse who has helped you recover during your stay in hospital so you decide to thank her by buying her a long crystal fox coat for her efforts. Of course, what you really want is to see such a gorgeous girl wearing it - and she doesn't disappoint you! She is delighted by her gift, soon slipping out of her short tight nurse uniform and relaxing back on the bed for a fingering in just her new fur coat, stockings, heels and slinky lingerie. What a thank you from her to you to get your pulse racing again!

2 February 2015

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In with the New starring Charlotte Elizabeth

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Sweet Charlotte Elizabeth is our hot blonde riding babe waiting in her stable and longing for a hot stable boy to join her. Who could resist her in her smart rising outfit and jodhpurs and kinky long black leather boots, especially when she slips into a long sleek mink coat too awaiting her lover's arrival. The fur is too much for our young debutant though and soon she slips her tight jodhpurs down to rub her eager pussy with her mink sleeve and willing fingers. Welcome to our fold Charlotte - seems like she is eager to stay for more!

5 January 2015

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