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Nobody Here But Us starring April O

april o love of fur silver fox fingering pussy masturbation stockings office high heels
sexy office girl pa babe fur coat fetish stockings april o high heels blouse brunette
babe in fur coat fox topless love fetish slim small tits skinny sexy
leggy april o fox fur jacket fetish love stockings high heels babe model glamor slim

Svelte sweetie April O invites you back to her office after a fun night out. Being so late, you are the only ones there, so can really enjoy your time together, especially with her looking stunning in her sexy office skirt suit, blouse, stockings and high heels. But her luscious silver fox fur jacket has you most enthralled and when she makes it clear how much she adores you too, things really heat up! When she reveals her slim body underneath her business wear and blue silky lingerie, you know she is wanting you, and watching her masturbate with her fingers in that fur jacket gets you hot and bothered. As she cums in front of you wrapped up in her fur, you know it is going to be a late night in the office together!

29 April 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Passing the Time starring April O

love of fur crystal fox coat april fishnet stockings bum ass open furring
april o brunette babe fur coat fetish fox stockings evening dress heels babe
fur fetish ass rubbing fox coat april o brunette british model leggy stockings fishnets
fur masturbation fetish april o stockings high heels fox coat frigging fingering

Slim leggy beauty April O is waiting patiently outside for her boyfriend. Looks like he has stood her up though again as he's too busy to make it - even though she's all dressed up in fox fur and ready to play! Since she's all alone, why not play by herself then?! Her tight stripy dress and matching lingerie don't stay on for long as she gets down to some furious fur rubbing and fingering on the bench, stroking the fur sleeves over her long toned stocking clad thighs and hard against her willing wet pussy. Just look what he is missing out on in his absence - maybe you should join in with her instead?

1 April 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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A Gift for her Gift starring April O

love of fur fetish april o mink coat metal dildo sex toy fox jacket slim babe
april o hot brunette babe silver fox fur jacket fetish leggy model
blue fox fur fetish jacket lingerie model bra panties april o love of fur
hot babe mink fur coat tight ass long sexy legs april o high heels

Slim and sexy April O is thanking you for her special gift. Receiving three great furs to wear and enjoy, she is delighted with your presents and gives you a little something back: namely, wearing them for you in a sexy little video. Wearing just her tiny bra and panties set and high heels, she slips into the fox jackets and mink coat and caresses the soft luxurious fur around her and starts purring with delight. Join her on the sofa amongst the furs as she pleasures herself with fingers and a silver dildo to a shattering orgasm - all just for you. What a way to give thanks for such love and generousity!

7 March 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Clean Yet Filthy starring April O

mink fur coat fetish april o love of fur bath masturbation massage mitten fingering
brunette model babe fur coat fetish silk bath robe april o mink slim
bath of fur coats jackets april o love of fur fetish bathroom tub
fur massage mitten love april o mink coat chinchilla sable mitt slim tits

The sweet and sexy April O is alone in her bathroom and settling in for a sensual evening among a bath full of furs. Dressed in a burgundy satin robe, sheer stockings and high heels, she sits on the rim of her tub reaching in for the furs it contains to stroke them over her lithe body. Finding the softest sable and chinchilla mitten among the furs, she slides into the tub to feel as much fur as possible, rubbing sleeves and the mitten all over herself and getting hornier and filthier. By the time she has climbed out, wrapped herself in mink and fingered herself to a climax, she'll be in need of a proper bath to recover!

15 February 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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A Flexible Furring starring April O

fur fetish april o flexible bendy babe fox jacket coat love of fur
love of fur brunette british babe april o silver fox lingerie bra panties
fur fetish long legs contortionist april o fox coat hat headbandbed of furs
fur fucking masturbation fox mitten april o love bed of furs fingering

Leave gorgeous lithe new model April O alone on a spread of fox furs and with a few accessories to play with and see what happens! What does happen is a fabulous display of April's love for fur and also her flexiblity, as she bends and stretches to feel as much of the fur against her body as possible. The positions she gets in when rubbing her pussy with soft fox mittens are amazing and clearly she is enjoying it all too from her moans and gasps! Sit and back and relax, while April does all the work!

18 January 2016

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A Season Fur Giving starring April O

fur coat fetish love of fur mink brunette april o dildo toying stockings high heels
love of fur leggy brunette model april o santa baby outfit stockings heels christmas
sexy santa babe mink fur coat stockings brunette glamor model april o xmas
april o model christmas santa babe mink fur coat glass dildo sex toy stockings

Sexy lithe and limber brunette April O is our Christmas cracker in her sexy santa outfit, stockings and heels. In a private show for her special man, she keeps him warm for the holidays with a hot little treat in herself, all wrapped up in mink fur! As she rubs the slinky mink coat over her slim body she gets into the filthy festive spirit, grabbing a glass dildo to slide into her pussy and she keeps up the fur stroking. What a fabulous festive present for us all!

28 December 2015 N/A < 3 votes

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