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A Box of Delights starring Jasmine Lau

jasmin lau love fur coat fetish british brunette hot leggy model selfie office stockings heels
office fetish fox fur stole brunette jasmine lau model babe love glamor
sexy babe jasmine lau fingering pussy office desk mink fur coat stockings
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30 June 2017 N/A < 3 votes

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Interview Preparation starring Vickie Powell

love of fur fetish mink coat big tits brunette vickie powell dildo busty brit babe
glamor mink coat fur fetish vickie powell lounge class seduction
fur coat rubbing masturbation vickie powell love fetish stockings high heels sassy
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16 December 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Waiting for Miss Smith starring Vickie Powell

love of fur vickie powell busty big tits schoolgirl uniform fox stole skirt office masturbation teas
vickie powell fur stole jacket fox lynx fetish school uniform cosplay babe busty model
school office desk fetish masturbation vickie powell busty toy action fur stole coat
lynx fur coat fetish vickie powell suck dildo sex toy fetish back

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26 August 2016

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A Late Discovery starring Kacie James

love of fur fetish kacie james sexy british brunette gaping pussy fox coat jacket
barmaid kacie james fur fetish fox coat office outfit blouse short skirt heels diner
silver fox fur jacket angel babe kacie james love diner bar waitress glamor model
cute raven kacie james fur coat fetish love silver fox pert tits furring masturbation

Cute brunette Kacie James is hard at work cleaning up after a shift at her bar. Looks like one careless partygoer has left her silver fox fur jacket behind though - and what a gorgeous fur it is too. More so when the divine Kacie tries it on and relishes its sensuality and sexiness - so much so that she can't wait to try it on and feel the fur close to her sweet body. Cleaning takes a back seat to her own dirty minded needs and lust for the fox jacket, as she rubs it all over her heaving breasts and between her trembling thighs. Cumming onto the fur is all that's on her mind at the end of her shift.

17 June 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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The Right Impression starring Brook Logan

brook logan love of fur fetish mistress office fox jacket dildo long hair high heels
sexy office girl fur coat fox love brook logan high heels skirt blouse fetish secretary
secretary pa fetish fur jacket fox brook logan dildo straddle cowgirl riding
black fox fur coat suck dildo brook logan fetish brunette

Hot little minx Brook Logan is a sexy secretary awaiting a key job interview. She's dressed her best for the part in a sharp blouse and tight skirt, killer heels and a thick black fox fur jacket - as she knows the interviewer adores furs! Waiting in his office though she starts rummaging through his desk and finds a big naughty dildo. Why is that there - and what can she do with it to clinch the job?! Surely a furious play with it will help calms her nerves and convince him that she is the perfect girl to have around the office. She's hard to say no too after such a performance!

3 June 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Nobody Here But Us starring April O

april o love of fur silver fox fingering pussy masturbation stockings office high heels
sexy office girl pa babe fur coat fetish stockings april o high heels blouse brunette
babe in fur coat fox topless love fetish slim small tits skinny sexy
leggy april o fox fur jacket fetish love stockings high heels babe model glamor slim

Svelte sweetie April O invites you back to her office after a fun night out. Being so late, you are the only ones there, so can really enjoy your time together, especially with her looking stunning in her sexy office skirt suit, blouse, stockings and high heels. But her luscious silver fox fur jacket has you most enthralled and when she makes it clear how much she adores you too, things really heat up! When she reveals her slim body underneath her business wear and blue silky lingerie, you know she is wanting you, and watching her masturbate with her fingers in that fur jacket gets you hot and bothered. As she cums in front of you wrapped up in her fur, you know it is going to be a late night in the office together!

29 April 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Relieving the Pressure starring Holly Kiss

holly kiss love of fur crystal fox fetish busty big tits milf cougar furring
british milf holly kiss fur coats mink fox lounge skirt blouse busty madame
black mink coat love of fur holly kiss fur shopper elegant busty milf
blonde babe holly kiss fox fur coat love fetish close up face sexy pout smile

Sexy mature blonde Brit Holly Kiss comes home from a bad day in the office having treated herself to some retail therapy to calm her stress. What better way to do this than to buy new furs?! Her eyes were turned by a glamourous black mink coat and a soft crystal fox coat as a way to improve her mood. How stunning she looks in them too, over her tight white blouse and black skirt with a hint of lace stocking top and patent high heels showing underneath as she parades around her living room in them. But what else did she buy while out to enhance her mood - and where she use that as the evening goes on?

15 April 2016

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A Gentle Warning starring Lana Cox

lana cox fur fetish love of fur blue fox jacket big tits stockings masturbation office boss
boss in fur lana cox business skirt suit stockings blonde milf russian mistress femdom
mature cougar love of fur fetish lana cox satin blouse sexy boss private office
lana cox hot russian blonde blue white fox fur coat close up love of fur milf cougar

Our favourite mature Russian fur lover Lana Cox is your work boss, having a quiet word with you before the big office party. She won't allow you to continue to harass the junior female staff and wants you to control your behaviour, yet understands your needs too - as they are clear from your reaction to her sexy satin blouse, tight skirt and thick fox fur jacket. Seems like a moment of executive relief may help control your urges before the evening continues, so leggy Lana Strips down to her lacy white lingerie, smothers herself in her so-soft fox and reveals all to you. As you masturbate for her pleasure, remember to follow her wishes: even a gentle word can be very rewarding!

29 February 2016

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Hard to Please starring Kasia

love of fur brunette mistress kasia big tits satin blouse fox jacket mansion lounge bdsm
kasia love of fur fox jacket satin blouse stockings short skirt fetish mistress ukranian brunette
foot stocking fetish fox fur jacket kasia love of fur dominant madame mistress submission bdsm
sexy mistress kasia fox fur coat bare ass stockings thighs sexy pose glamour model

Stunning Ukranian mistress Kasia is bringing you to task for yet more shoddy behaviour. She summons you into her elegant bedroom where she sits in her tight yet short business suit, purple satin blouse, sleek black stockings and high heeled shoes, just waiting to rip you a new one! Before long you are kneeling before her, naked as she commands and accepting your fate: to please yourself while she watches and chides you. If you're lucky you'll get to see her large firm tits from underneath her tight blouse and thick soft fur - or see her stroke the crystal fox between her strong smooth thighs as you play for her. She's very demanding - and hard to please!

22 February 2016

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Stable Condition starring Kasia

fur coat fucking fetish love kasia crystal fox cowboy boots dildo sex toy
love of fur fetish kasia ukrainian babe brunette short skirt boots
crystal fox jacket sexy brunette love of fur kasia ukraine model hot
barn fetish fun kasia fur jacket fox brunette babe big tits sexy pose seduction

Lady Kasia pulls you into her stable for a stern word. Boy, is her barn in a mess and as her stable boy she blames you for its condition. No wonder though as your eyes have been on her exotic looks, shapely body, long legs and fabulous fox fur jacket. She knows all about you though and adds to your distraction by teasing you with her soft fox fur, short skirt and boots. Spreading her legs and showing your her pussy, she rubs her fur between her thighs before plunging her thick pink dildo into herself! Looks like this barn will need even more cleaning after she has finished with you - and her own desires!

25 January 2016

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