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Girls Night Out starring Kacie James and Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest Kacie James in lynx wildcat fur jackets and sexy stockings and heels
Natalia Forrest in wildcat fur strokes Kacie James spotted lynx jacket
Hooded lynx wildcat fur coats on Kacie James and Natalia Forrest in stockings
Love of fur red nails hand stroke lynx fur sleeve

Our hot young duo Kacie James and Natalia Forrest are gearing up for a night out. Dressed in hooded fur jackets, sexy tight dresses, stockings and high heels, Kacie and Natalia chat about their outfits and their furs before their night out. A gentler scene than some but be a fly on the wall as the girls stroke and try on each fur, caressing the lynx and wildcat skins, pulling up the hoods and enjoying their moment of luxury. Best not be late though girls: their night has not yet begun!

12 May 2014

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Paying Your Way starring Natalia Forrest

Mistress Natalia Forrest towering above in silver fox fur jacket and corset femdom
Natalia Forrest silver fox fur coat stockings boots financial domination money slave
Natalia Forrest in silver fox fur strokes wildcat jacket sleeve
Natalia Forrest in silver fox jacket rubs fur mitten into panties and stockings

The gorgeous Natalia Forrest is enjoying the fruits of your labours as your financial dominatrix. How kind of you to bring her such wonderful gifts: some spending money and a new wildcat fur jacket to wear and enjoy too. But Mistress Natalia likes to reward her findom slaves the right way: teasing you with her soft silver fox fur jacket and headband, black corset, sheer stockings and boots. Before slipping her fox mitten into her panties to stroke herself, she helps stroke you gently with her mitten too. Well: in this world, you get what you pay for!

14 April 2014

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Wildcat Whipping starring Sapphire Blue

Dominantrix Sapphire Blue wearing wildcat fur jacket about to whip and spank you
Sapphire Blue in her dungeon wearing wildcat fur jacket with tanuki hood trim
Sapphire Blue prepares to whip you in her spotted fur coat
Sapphire Blue in wildcat fur shows off her dungeon equipment

Join furry feline Sapphire Blue in her dark dungeon. Crawling towards the sexy blonde in her black shiny high heels and striking wildcat jacket, you kneel naked before Mistress while she stares and strides around you. She may know about your fur fetish but has a wild way of bringing it out of you. Reaching for her black fox stole, she starts whipping you with it - before preparing her black leather cat-o-nine-tails for your punishment. She returns to the black fox whip for a final lashing, counting you down to your orgasm!

13 January 2014

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Detective Fur Hire: Part 2 starring Crystal Coxxx and Tiffany Naylor

Tiffany Naylor licks Crystal Coxxx as they writhe among the soft fur bed

Suspected young thief Crystal Coxxx returns home and is confronted by feisty detective Tiffany Naylor about her crimes. However why is Tiffany only wearing a black mink coat, stockings, suspenders and heels? And what plans does she have for the young felon before bringing her in? As Crystal strips under orders, ready for a furring and toying with her stolen items, it seems like she will get some rough justice indeed!

23 September 2013

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Detective Fur Hire: Part 1 starring Tiffany Naylor

Tiffany Naylor enjoys her sex toy on a bed of soft fox wildcat and chinchilla fur

Join glamourous maverick detective Tiffany Naylor investigating a very special case of stolen sex toys. She enters the suspects house and finds the stolen goods hidden under a pile of furs. Waiting for the suspect to return home though seems to give DI Naylor some wicked ideas and she strips from her mink coat down to her stockings, suspenders and boots to see just how enjoyable those toys are among the furry bed beneath her! She may be on duty, but she loves this part of her job. Will she be finished in time to make her arrest - and what is to come in part 2 of this story?

5 August 2013

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Teasing, Kissing, Spanking starring Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx

Tiffany Naylor gives Crystal Coxxx a sensual fur mitten massage on their bed of fur coats

New girls Tiffany Naylor and Crystal Coxxx share a bed of furs together right in front of you! Wearing nothing but a fox jacket each resting on their shoulders, they settle onto the bed and into each other's arms, kissing and teasing you as you watch them rub the furs on each other. As they roll on the bed together, Tiffany suggests a little game to Crystal: can she guess what sort of fur she is being stroked with? A kiss for a right guess - and a spank for a wrong one? How well will she do - and how well would you do?

3 June 2013

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Teasing in the Tub starring Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest fingers herself in a bath full of fur coats and stoles

Join the delightful Natalia Forrest enjoying one of her favourite activities: relaxing in a special fur bath! No messing about for her though: off with the towel and in she slides among the many furs to wriggle and writhe in them! Looks like she is having lots of fun in there – and more so when she clambers up to the edge of the tub in her lynx jacket to make very dirty use of her black fox boa. I think she might need a proper water bath after this fun – or a cold shower!

17 December 2012

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A Warming Winter Welcome starring Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd on her sexy fur bed in chinchilla fur jacket and purple satin

The delightful Jessica Lloyd stars in a more playful mood. What better way to warm up after a cold day out than to come back to a gorgeous blonde in nothing but a satin slip and a smile. Oh, and a big bed full of furs! She begs you to join her from beneath her fox and chinchilla jackets as she writhes seductively for you. And until you climb up to join her, she’ll just have to make do with the soft fur sleeves and hard white sex toy to play with. Poor Jessica: won’t one of you help keep her warm too?

3 December 2012

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Following Up Enquiries starring Natalia Forrest

Policewoman Natalia Forrest examines some stolen fur coats

Slim playful nymph Natalia Forrest plays a rather sexy policewoman following up some local leads in the hunt for some stolen furs. The ones on your sofa look awfully suspicious to her but checking with the station it seems that you are in the clear. But your furs seem more arresting to WPC Forrest than to you: leaving her alone for a few moments, you find that she has stripped out of her tight uniform and is cuddling up in your chinchilla, mink and spotted furs. Where is a policewoman when you need one? On her back among your furs enjoying herself it seems: the long arm of the law investigating the softness of your coats!

29 October 2012

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Fur Therapy 5: Delving Deeper starring Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss shows off her rail of fur jackets wearing silver fox fur

It's the turn of Holly Kiss to sit in the therapist's chair and time for your monthly session. A different treatment for you this time as Dr Holly probes your subconscious fur fantasies through hypnosis - and look where that leads you! Suddenly she appears before you with a rail of long haired furs wearing lingerie and stockings underneath her silverfox jacket and headband. Perhaps that will help her get to the bottom of your deepest desires or maybe she'll need to book you for many more sessions to explore your love for fur.

8 October 2012

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