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A Sticky Situation starring Ashleigh Embers

Ashleigh Embers rubs her big tits in crystal fox fur
Ashleigh Embers in office wear stockings and crystal fox fur jacket
Boss Ashleigh Embers cuddles her crystal fox fur coat
Ashleigh Embers in crystal fox fur waits for her your cum on her big tits

A bossy and angry Ashleigh Embers waiting with you in her office. She's called you in for a chat about your behaviour towards the girls in the office. Sitting watching her in her tight blouse and skirt, sheer stockings and designer high heels is distracting enough, but when she slips her crystal fox fur jacket on her shoulders things take a turn for the better - for both you and her. Pulling her big tits out and stroking them with her fur sleeves, she teases you to full hardness - then makes you wank for her pleasure, counting you down until you cum on her breasts and fur!

10 March 2014

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Friday Night Furring starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue is naked under her lynx fur jacket in the office

Stunning leggy young blonde Sapphire Blue is desparate for a night on the tiles after work and you get to join her. But after grabbing some drinks where better to go than back to her office, so that she can slip out of her sexy party dress wrap herself up in her thick lynx jacket wearing only her high heels underneath. What a little tease she is - and what fun she wants to have with you over her desk, reaching for her secret dildo from her desk and begging you to fuck her and cum all over her coat! Well: it is Friday night, after all!

11 November 2013

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In Stately Service starring Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette

Mistresses Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette tease you with amazing fox fur coats

Join two women in command for you to obey! Fox clad msitresses Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette have called you to the roof of their mansion for your worship today. You admire their kinky boots, leather outfits and fox jackets as they show you their fine grounds while smoking above you. Then they lead you into their fur vault to tease you and watch as you get aroused beneath them. Seeing them walk between those thick soft fox furs, cuddling and stroking each expensive coat and even rubbing you with their play fur stole might just become too much to bear ...

14 October 2013

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One for You, One for Me starring Alyssa Divine

Alyssa Divine is your perfect tease in white fox fur and nothing else

Alyssa Divine is in a very sharing mood today! Relaxing on her sofa in a huge blue fox fur coat, she beckons you in with the sweet smile and gorgeous body. As you join her she reachesfor two soft fox mittens - one mitten for her to enjoy and one for you to play with! Strip off and make good use of the mitten as you watch and drool over Alyssa while she fingers and furs herself to a hot intense climax! Join her in orgasm too as she counts you down for it before you spurt all over your play mitten - then climb on top of her for more fur fun!

15 July 2013

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Under Her Command starring Crystal Coxxx

Mistress Crystal Coxxx commands you in red fox fur coat red patent boots and whip

Lovely young star Crystal Coxxx is showing her dominant streak - and keeping you firmly in your place. You creep into her chamber and kneel before her as commanded, while she chides and instructs you wearing a tight black rubber top and skirt, kink red patent leather boots, a sharp military cap and long red fox coat over her shoulders. After telling you off, she reaches for some fur items to tease you with - and whip you with - before commanding you to masturbate in front of her! Hopefully her black fox boa won't get in the way though ...

17 June 2013

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Fur Fuck in the Forest starring Niki and Michal

Niki wears two layers of fox fur in the forest as Michal fucks her

See nature in all of its glory as young fur lovers Niki and Michal take to the great outdoors with a few furs in tow for a furry fuck in the forest. Wearing nothing beneath their thick red fox fur jackets, Niki is soon bending over the bonnet of their car among the trees while Michal thrusts into her from behind, making her moan. After switching to lie on her back for a little bit, the furry delights in the cool air become too much for Michal, who shoots his cum over Niki's inner silver fox fur! Time to get back to nature for us all!

22 April 2013

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Boy Meets Girl 1 starring Niki and Michal

Niki and Michal wear matching red fox fur jackets for sex

In our first ever boy-girl scene, sexy sweet blonde Niki is relaxing on her bed of furs in her black bra and panties with fishnet stockings when stud Michal comes to join her. The couple kiss and get so horny trying on the many fox furs around them that they get naked under the fox furs together and start fucking in several positions before Michal shoots his cum all over the back of Niki's black jacket!

28 January 2013

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