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A Stable Start starring Vickie Powell

vickie powell fox fur coat fetish love boots barn big tits bra lingerie
vickie powell fox fur coat fetish love boots barn big tits bra lingerie
vickie powell fox fur coat fetish love boots barn big tits bra lingerie
vickie powell fox fur coat fetish love boots barn big tits bra lingerie

Details to follow

6 January 2017 N/A < 3 votes

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Hot in the Hay starring Shateela

love of fur fetish shateela lynx jacket coat leather boots barn hot chick fingering cumming
hot babe shateela daisy dukes bra denim boots lynx fur jacket sexy tease fetish barn
lynx fur jacket coat shateela love fur barn kinky boots soft cuddle glamor babe glamour
sexy babe legs bum pussy fur coat lynx love shateela slut knee boots leggy fetish

Slim, sexy and very sultry Shateela is a hot stable girl cleaning up the hay barn. In her tight denim bra and hot pants and black leath boots, she is a stunning girl - and more so when she finds a thick soft lynx fur jacket left behind among the hay. How did that get there - and what will happen to it now that she has her dirty little hands and dirtier mind on it. She looks amazing in the fur with nothing but her kinky riding boots underneath it - and she knows it. Just watch what it does to her too as she smothers herself in the fur and rubs and fingers her gaping pussy all alone in the barn. Make hay while the sun shines, Shateela!

12 August 2016

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A Roll in the Hay starring Brook Logan

love of fur fetish brook logan barn hay lynx fucking legs tits
riding girl babe lynx fur coat fetish brook logan love barn straw
kinky boots love fetish fur brook logan lynx jacket heels long legs babe
brook logan fingering pussy fur coat fetish love long legs barn

The elegantly sexy Brook Logan is alone in her hay barn waiting for her new member of staff. She's all ready for a ride in her tight jodphurs and leather boots but her gorgeous lynx fur coat shows that she's after a different sort of mount for the day! When he arrives to meet her, she has already started stripping off, expsoing her firm bum and willing wet pussy to him and plunging her fingers inside. The fur is getting her really wild too and is bound to work for him as well! What a game filly - and what games to be had alone with her in the hay!

1 July 2016

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Stable Condition starring Kasia

fur coat fucking fetish love kasia crystal fox cowboy boots dildo sex toy
love of fur fetish kasia ukrainian babe brunette short skirt boots
crystal fox jacket sexy brunette love of fur kasia ukraine model hot
barn fetish fun kasia fur jacket fox brunette babe big tits sexy pose seduction

Lady Kasia pulls you into her stable for a stern word. Boy, is her barn in a mess and as her stable boy she blames you for its condition. No wonder though as your eyes have been on her exotic looks, shapely body, long legs and fabulous fox fur jacket. She knows all about you though and adds to your distraction by teasing you with her soft fox fur, short skirt and boots. Spreading her legs and showing your her pussy, she rubs her fur between her thighs before plunging her thick pink dildo into herself! Looks like this barn will need even more cleaning after she has finished with you - and her own desires!

25 January 2016

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In with the New starring Charlotte Elizabeth

charlotte elizabeth paris fur fetish mink coat boots riding barn
sexy young blonde charlotte elizabeth riding gear fur coat
blonde babe fur fetish mink coat bending over cute bum exposed
blonde riding babe charlotte paris masturbation barn fur jacket

Sweet Charlotte Elizabeth is our hot blonde riding babe waiting in her stable and longing for a hot stable boy to join her. Who could resist her in her smart rising outfit and jodhpurs and kinky long black leather boots, especially when she slips into a long sleek mink coat too awaiting her lover's arrival. The fur is too much for our young debutant though and soon she slips her tight jodhpurs down to rub her eager pussy with her mink sleeve and willing fingers. Welcome to our fold Charlotte - seems like she is eager to stay for more!

5 January 2015

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Her Wicked Ways starring Kasia

Sexy Russian Kasia masturbates in fox fur coat and kinky pvc boots
Mistress in fur jacket Kasia in her dungeon
Sexy brunette Kasia showing her ass in stockings and fur coat
Hot european brunette Kasia rubs fur coat against her pussy

Stunning wicked witch Kasia is alone in her lair plotting to get her revenge on one particular pretty princess by casting her spell on a special fox fur coat and giving it to her. But she falls in love with the fur herself and sinks to her dungeon floor to enjoy the fur in her skimpy fishnet lingerie and stockings and long kinky PVC boots. After rubbing the soft fox against her willing pussy, there's no way the princess is getting her coat back!

27 October 2014

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Boot and Fur Worship starring Sally Taylor

Milf mistress in fox fur coat fur handcuffs and stockings Sally Taylor
Sexy Sally Taylor is your milf dominatrix in a blue fox fur coat
Black kinky leather boots need licking and fox fur coat needs stroking
Fetish mistress Sally Taylor fingers herself in fox fur coat and leather dress and boots

Our milf madame, sexy Saucy Sally Taylor, will see you now in her dungeon, wearing her tight black pvc dress, sheer pantyhose, long black leather boots and blue fox fur coat. Mistress Sally calls you in to worship at her feet, admiring and cleaning her kinky boots as she teases you about her thick fox coat. Let's hope you do a good job and please her. Maybe you'll serve her so well that she will cuff you in fox too and then masturbate in front of you!

21 July 2014

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Paying Your Way starring Natalia Forrest

Mistress Natalia Forrest towering above in silver fox fur jacket and corset femdom
Natalia Forrest silver fox fur coat stockings boots financial domination money slave
Natalia Forrest in silver fox fur strokes wildcat jacket sleeve
Natalia Forrest in silver fox jacket rubs fur mitten into panties and stockings

The gorgeous Natalia Forrest is enjoying the fruits of your labours as your financial dominatrix. How kind of you to bring her such wonderful gifts: some spending money and a new wildcat fur jacket to wear and enjoy too. But Mistress Natalia likes to reward her findom slaves the right way: teasing you with her soft silver fox fur jacket and headband, black corset, sheer stockings and boots. Before slipping her fox mitten into her panties to stroke herself, she helps stroke you gently with her mitten too. Well: in this world, you get what you pay for!

14 April 2014

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A Lucky Find starring Natalia Forrest

Natalia Forrest naked under her lynx fur jacket
Natalia Forrest outside in her lynx fur jacket
Natalia Forrest close up smiling in lynx fur coat
Natalia Forrest behinds over for her lynx fur fetish play

The stunning Natalia Forrest returns from her latest shopping trip wearing a lucky find in the stores: a cute hooded lynx fur jacket which she had to buy and wear immediately. Before long, she decides she wants to do more than just wear it, returning to the kitchen wearing nothing but her new fur and wickedly seductive smile and rubbing the sleeves over her pert tits and between her toned legs against her pussy! If only all shopping trips ended like this one!

17 March 2014

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Exercising her Pet starring Fetish Liza

Mistress Fetish Liza in silver fox jacket and black leather boots walks in public

Venture outside for a stroll with Mistress Fetish Liza ... after she's let you out of your cage and attaches your collar and leash, that is. You follow her obediently as she leads you along the rocky paths, admiring her sleek black leather thigh boots and gloves, her sheer black negligee and soft thick silver fox jacket. The walk takes you to a charming wooden hut where she shows you her sexy outfit as you sit, watch and drool. Will you be a good boy for your mistress and receive her strokes and pats - or will you misbehave and find yourself left for good out in the cold?

9 December 2013

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