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Paying Your Way starring Natalia Forrest

Mistress Natalia Forrest towering above in silver fox fur jacket and corset femdom
Natalia Forrest silver fox fur coat stockings boots financial domination money slave
Natalia Forrest in silver fox fur strokes wildcat jacket sleeve
Natalia Forrest in silver fox jacket rubs fur mitten into panties and stockings

The gorgeous Natalia Forrest is enjoying the fruits of your labours as your financial dominatrix. How kind of you to bring her such wonderful gifts: some spending money and a new wildcat fur jacket to wear and enjoy too. But Mistress Natalia likes to reward her findom slaves the right way: teasing you with her soft silver fox fur jacket and headband, black corset, sheer stockings and boots. Before slipping her fox mitten into her panties to stroke herself, she helps stroke you gently with her mitten too. Well: in this world, you get what you pay for!

14 April 2014

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Sensual Slavery starring Sapphire Blue and Ashleigh Embers

Mistress Ashleigh Embers Slave Sapphire Blue fox fur femdom fetish
Ashleigh Embers fox fur domination on slave Sapphire Blue with chinchilla glove
Ashleigh Embers in silver fox fur bdsm kissing slave Sapphire Blue breast
Sapphire Blue takes a dildo from Ashleigh Embers in silver fox fur jacket

Poor slave Sapphire Blue is bound to a cross and naked except for a little bit of fox fur. Mistress Ashleigh Embers in a big silver fox fur jacket and hat is ready though and teases and torments her slave girl with her fur and paddle as subbie Sapphire wriggles helplessly. A chinchilla and sable mitten is not all she gets between her legs though - as Mistress soon has her slave girl bent over a bench for a furious fucking from her dildo. Hear Sapphire moan and howl at her mistress's deeds - but will she prove worthy of another session?

31 March 2014

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A Sticky Situation starring Ashleigh Embers

Ashleigh Embers rubs her big tits in crystal fox fur
Ashleigh Embers in office wear stockings and crystal fox fur jacket
Boss Ashleigh Embers cuddles her crystal fox fur coat
Ashleigh Embers in crystal fox fur waits for her your cum on her big tits

A bossy and angry Ashleigh Embers waiting with you in her office. She's called you in for a chat about your behaviour towards the girls in the office. Sitting watching her in her tight blouse and skirt, sheer stockings and designer high heels is distracting enough, but when she slips her crystal fox fur jacket on her shoulders things take a turn for the better - for both you and her. Pulling her big tits out and stroking them with her fur sleeves, she teases you to full hardness - then makes you wank for her pleasure, counting you down until you cum on her breasts and fur!

10 March 2014

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Wildcat Whipping starring Sapphire Blue

Dominantrix Sapphire Blue wearing wildcat fur jacket about to whip and spank you
Sapphire Blue in her dungeon wearing wildcat fur jacket with tanuki hood trim
Sapphire Blue prepares to whip you in her spotted fur coat
Sapphire Blue in wildcat fur shows off her dungeon equipment

Join furry feline Sapphire Blue in her dark dungeon. Crawling towards the sexy blonde in her black shiny high heels and striking wildcat jacket, you kneel naked before Mistress while she stares and strides around you. She may know about your fur fetish but has a wild way of bringing it out of you. Reaching for her black fox stole, she starts whipping you with it - before preparing her black leather cat-o-nine-tails for your punishment. She returns to the black fox whip for a final lashing, counting you down to your orgasm!

13 January 2014

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An Intense Interrogation starring Fetish Liza

Mistress Fetish Liza in mink fur coat and sable stole enjoys her dildo
Fetish Liza in mink fur coat and sable scarf fur with her mink tie
Fetish Liza strokes her stockings and high heeled shoes with rabbit fur mittens
Fetish Liza in mink fur coat toys with her dildo

A captured spy is brought to sexy commandant Fetish Liza in leather and fur who has plans to interrogate him - but she has very special methods. Her severe long black leather coat is trimmed in sable and chinchilla, showing her shapely legs in fishnet stockings and sharp black high heels underneath. Her tongue is sharp too, yet seductive and she teases you with her furry toys and masturbates with her slim glass dildo to drain you dry on her countdown to orgasm - before the interrogation really starts ...

6 January 2014

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A New Year of Service starring Kacie James and Natalia Forrest

Mistresses Kacie James and Natalia Forrest wear mink fur coats to command you
Natalia Forrest and Kacie James in mink fur coats tell you what to do
Natalia Forrest and Kacie James stroke their stocking thighs under their mink fur coats
Kacie James shows her red corset and stockings under her mink coat to Natalia Forrest

Sexy young mink-clad madames Kacie James and Natalia Forrest welcome in the new year with a reminder of your duties. With two hot girls to admire, it'll be an expensive time keeping them both in the sexiest furs and finest lingerie, stockings and high heels. But there is much to relish too for those who keep to their duties, diligently and lovingly, focusinging their worship on the fullest details of their outfits and bodies and following every stroking hand, smooth thigh and playful foot. Welcome to another year of fur worship with our girls!

30 December 2013

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Exercising her Pet starring Fetish Liza

Mistress Fetish Liza in silver fox jacket and black leather boots walks in public

Venture outside for a stroll with Mistress Fetish Liza ... after she's let you out of your cage and attaches your collar and leash, that is. You follow her obediently as she leads you along the rocky paths, admiring her sleek black leather thigh boots and gloves, her sheer black negligee and soft thick silver fox jacket. The walk takes you to a charming wooden hut where she shows you her sexy outfit as you sit, watch and drool. Will you be a good boy for your mistress and receive her strokes and pats - or will you misbehave and find yourself left for good out in the cold?

9 December 2013

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Busy Madame, Idle Maid starring Ashleigh Embers and Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue and Ashleigh Embers rub each other with silver fox fur mittens in bed

Lady Ashleigh Embers has told maid Sapphire to get her furs cleaned but Sapphire Blue can't resist slipping into the fox jackets before cleaning. What would happen if Lady Ashleigh returned to her bedroom and found her maid in her furs? And what would she do to her maid if she liked how she looked in that soft silver fox jacket? Maybe it's time for the servant to see how the elite live - and love - among a bed of soft coats and inviting fur mittens!

2 December 2013

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These Boots Are Made For Worshipping starring Ashleigh Embers

Mistress Asheligh Embers wears blue fox fur coat and threatens to whip you hard

Mistress Ashleigh Embers calls you into her elegant lounge for a simple task today: to admire her and lick her boots clean. Underneath her sharp cap and long blue fox coat, her long black leather thigh boots need your attention as she calmly sits and reads, reminding you not to ogle her as you worship at her feet unless you want a taste of her crop. When she reveals her big firm breasts from her tight basque and starts rubbing them with her fox sleeves though .. that would test the diligence of any admirer. Watch, wonder and worship!

18 November 2013

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An Appointment to Admire starring Fetish Liza

Madame Fetish Liza sucks her dildo wearing grey rabbit fur mittens and lying on chinchilla fur

Spicy Fetish Liza returns in a real clothing fetish special. In chinchilla fur, white satin blouse, tight leather skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels, she welcomes you into her luxurious lounge to watch her masturbate and join in with her fun. With one rabbit mitten each and a long clear toy for her to enjoy too, just watch her bring herself to a screaming climax and join her in orgasm! Being a sex slave doesn't have to be painful, after all.

4 November 2013

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