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In Stately Service starring Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette

Mistresses Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette tease you with amazing fox fur coats

Join two women in command for you to obey! Fox clad msitresses Alyssa Divine and Chloe Lovette have called you to the roof of their mansion for your worship today. You admire their kinky boots, leather outfits and fox jackets as they show you their fine grounds while smoking above you. Then they lead you into their fur vault to tease you and watch as you get aroused beneath them. Seeing them walk between those thick soft fox furs, cuddling and stroking each expensive coat and even rubbing you with their play fur stole might just become too much to bear ...

14 October 2013

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Detective Fur Hire: Part 1 starring Tiffany Naylor

Tiffany Naylor enjoys her sex toy on a bed of soft fox wildcat and chinchilla fur

Join glamourous maverick detective Tiffany Naylor investigating a very special case of stolen sex toys. She enters the suspects house and finds the stolen goods hidden under a pile of furs. Waiting for the suspect to return home though seems to give DI Naylor some wicked ideas and she strips from her mink coat down to her stockings, suspenders and boots to see just how enjoyable those toys are among the furry bed beneath her! She may be on duty, but she loves this part of her job. Will she be finished in time to make her arrest - and what is to come in part 2 of this story?

5 August 2013

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Under Her Command starring Crystal Coxxx

Mistress Crystal Coxxx commands you in red fox fur coat red patent boots and whip

Lovely young star Crystal Coxxx is showing her dominant streak - and keeping you firmly in your place. You creep into her chamber and kneel before her as commanded, while she chides and instructs you wearing a tight black rubber top and skirt, kink red patent leather boots, a sharp military cap and long red fox coat over her shoulders. After telling you off, she reaches for some fur items to tease you with - and whip you with - before commanding you to masturbate in front of her! Hopefully her black fox boa won't get in the way though ...

17 June 2013

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The Ice Queen Wraps Up starring Jana

Jana layers up in many fox fur coats in the studio

New Czech blondeJana is back in the studio enjoying another pile of thick furs at her feet. Fur Queen Jana must be feeling the cold in her sexy lace trimmed bra and panties and leather boots as she smothers herself in the thick furs. Wearing up to four furs at once, she may look stern but strokes and cuddles up in the furs for her own satisfaction and pleasure. Don't you want to get lost in the layers of fox and rabbit surrounding her? Will our Ice Queen melt your heart?

1 April 2013

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Mistress Knows Best starring Shay Hendrix

Mistress Shay Hendrix commands you in silver fox fur coat and hat

Striking redhead dominatrix Shay Hendrix wants a word with you to chide you for abusing her thick fox fur coats - and dressed in a sexy corset, black leather boots and sumputuous crystal fox coat and hat you had better listen and obey her! It's time to relieve your frustrations in front of her before you get to your chores and she helps you climax using a black fox cuff, soft chinchilla and sable mitten, some very encouraging words and her wicked sexy smile!

25 February 2013

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Jessica's Choice starring Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd in lynx jacket riding jodphurs and black leather boots in her kitchen

Busty blonde Jessica Lloyd has a bit of a dilemma. Polo girl Jess in her pink shirt, tight riding pants and leather boots can only keep one of her gift fur jackets - but will she pick the brown mink or the hooded lynx? Decisions, decisions! But whichever one she picks, you know that it will be a tough choice and that she will enjoy them both as much as she can, pulling open her clothes to feel the fur against her body to help make her mind up. What would you choose to keep - or see her play with?

13 August 2012

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Smoking Outdoors, Furring Indoors starring Vickie Powell

Vickie Powell settles back in black mink fur coat and silver fur fox hat and mitten

New fur model but established porn star Vickie Powell stars in her debut furring. Playing your fetish mistress, you join her for an afternoon of fur wearing and teasing indoors and a little smoke outdoors too. In her slutty fishnet outfit showing her ample breasts off perfectly and kinky strappy heels, she looks for the perfect fur for her needs. Maybe the right admirer could buy it for her - and then she would show them how her furs feel on them as she shows you how they feel on her!

7 May 2012

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Girl meets Fur Bed starring Jessica Lloyd

Jessica Lloyd in sexy lingerie fishnet stockings and white rabbit fur jacket on her fur covered bed

Enjoy a very welcome return from Jessica Lloyd. And my, hasn't she grown in all the right ways since she was last with us?! The gorgeous busty blonde couldn't wait to get back among the furs for us and you all so we gave her a simple welcome back: a bed of furs to enjoy and abuse to her heart's content. Her sexy red and black corset and wicked fishnet stockings stay on - unlike her thong - as she rubs and rides the furs around her lustfully! Welcome back Jessica: she's missed a good furring and we missed seeing her do so!

30 April 2012

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Last Orgasm to Order starring Ashleigh McKensie

Commander Ashleigh Mckensie in brown mink and fox coat coat controls your orgasm

Sharp Ashleigh McKensie is the Jizz Commander. She commands you to strip and to play with yourself for her pleasure, teasing you with her fox trimmed mink coat and fox trimmed leather boots as she does so - and finishes you with the help of her chinchilla mitten with a cumshot countdown. Will you enjoy your final orgasm with Mistress?

27 February 2012

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Getting Her Own Back starring Leona Lee

Leona Lee bends over her fur covered bed for you

Sultry Leona Lee returns home alone to enjoy showing the fruits of her absent husband's labours: the furs she buys while he keeps ignoring her needs! Surely she'll find someone more attentive before long - and the furs will suffice until she does!

19 December 2011

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