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A Flexible Furring starring April O

fur fetish april o flexible bendy babe fox jacket coat love of fur
love of fur brunette british babe april o silver fox lingerie bra panties
fur fetish long legs contortionist april o fox coat hat headbandbed of furs
fur fucking masturbation fox mitten april o love bed of furs fingering

Leave gorgeous lithe new model April O alone on a spread of fox furs and with a few accessories to play with and see what happens! What does happen is a fabulous display of April's love for fur and also her flexiblity, as she bends and stretches to feel as much of the fur against her body as possible. The positions she gets in when rubbing her pussy with soft fox mittens are amazing and clearly she is enjoying it all too from her moans and gasps! Sit and back and relax, while April does all the work!

18 January 2016

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Filthy Furgasm Fantasy starring Kasia

Kasia Ukrainian babe in sexy mink fur coat lingerie stockings
Hot brunette sable Kasia stole pink bra panties stockings bed
Kasia rubs sable stole against her pussy on bed
Ukraine babe bends over to fuck herself pink dildo fur bed

Sultry Ukrainian brunette Kasia is seducing you in her boudoir - and boy, is she horny! Standing by her four poster bed dressed only in pink bra and panties, stockings, white heels and a long slinky brown mink coat, Kasia begs you to come in and join her, as she rubs the soft fur all over herself while talking dirty to you! What a wicked tongue she has - and what a wicked mind to caress her big tits and wet pussy with her sable stole and mink sleeve before plunging her thick dildo inside herself! Time to join her for a very filthy furgasm, boys!

24 November 2014

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A Debut in Fur starring Slave Scarlett

Mature BBW Slave Scarlett rubs big tits on fur bed
Milf Slave Scarlett in crystal fox fur jacket by bed of fur coats
BBW Scarlett in blue lingerie and bra and fox fur coat
Scarlett in fur jacket shows her huge breasts

BBW milf and first time fun loving amateur Slave Scarlett is a bit shy for her debut fur scene but soon gets into the hang of it all as she feels the different furs on the bed beneath her. Removing her lacy bra she rubs the furs against her large tits, and starts to sigh and moan as the fox, mink and chinchilla skins start to work their magic on her body! A lucky lady indeed to enjoy such sensual pleasure and feel the love of fur for the first time.

16 June 2014

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A Bunny in the Bedroom starring Samantha Alexandra

Samantha Alexandra in rabbit fur jacket on bed of fox fur coats
Blonde Samantha Alexandra shows tits in knitted rabbit fur jacket topless
Sexy Samantha Alexandra bends over on fur bed and rubs bum with fur mitten
Samantha Alexandra masturbates pussy with chinchilla fur mitten on fox bed

Gorgeous young blonde Samantha Alexandra has been patiently waiting for your return. Alone on a bed of fox and lynx furs in wearing nothing but a white rabbit jacket and white fox ankle cuffs, she leaves little to the imagination as she reaches for her furry massage mittens to stroke the fox and chinchilla gloves over her breasts, body and against her pussy. Watch her first scene for us and she her experience her first love of fur: it won't be her last!

2 June 2014

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A Morning in Mink starring Kacie James

Kacie James in lingerie bra panties stockings mink fur stole
Kacie James in mink fur stole smiling
Kacie James fingering pussy on mink throw
Kacie James masturbating bending over in mink fur

Sexy tease Kacie James is all alone by her mirror with her thoughts - and her mink furs. Wearing sexy lace-trimmed bra and panties, stockings, black high heels and a mink stole, she seduces you with her sweet smile as she slides down onto her mink-covered sofa while slowly stripping off. Rubbing the mink stole over her naked breasts and pussy slowly, she begins to finger herself while getting more caught up in the sensual pleasure of the fur around her. What a lucky girl and what a way to enjoy a lazy morning!

24 March 2014

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A Secret Discovered starring Kacie James and Natalia Forrest

Kacie James and Natalia Forrest give a fox and lynx fur handjob
Kacie James in fox fur and Natalia Forrest in lynx fur on a furry bed
Kacie James in silver fox fur rubs her tits on a cock
Kacie James and Natalia Forrest laughing in fur jackets

The delightful duo Kacie James and Natalia Forrest are relaxing in the aftermath of another furry frolic - until you catch them at it! At first shocked, they soon welcome you on to the bed of furs and encourage you to strip off too. Then it's your turn to play - and their turn to play with you! Rubbing fox and lynx fur sleeves and their own pert tits over your stiff cock as you lie in the furs beneath them and giggling and teasing you while they do. Best enjoy it while you can: don't want their flatmate to come back and catch you!

3 March 2014

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A Shared Secret: Part 2 starring Natalia Forrest and Kacie James

Kacie James in silver fox and Natalia Forrest in lynx ride their bed of furs together
Kacie James massages Natalia Forrest with silver fox fur
Kacie James and Natalia Forrest play naked on a furry bed
Natalia Forrest and Kacie James masturbate in soft fur coats

Gorgeous Natalia Forrest and Kacie James continue their frolics with their flatmate's furs in secret! It's Natalia turn for her furry massage and Kacie happily obliges with the soft fox sleeves of the coats around them. Soon though it's time for some proper fur play, and the girls slide down into the furry bed to rub their pussies with a thick fox sleeve each, before slipping into a fur jacket and riding a soft fox until their reach their climax! If only their flatmate knew what these girls did with her expensive furs!

27 January 2014

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A Shared Secret: Part 1 starring Natalia Forrest and Kacie James

Kacie James and Natalia Forrest lie back among their fox and lynx fur coats on the bed
Natalia Forrest and Kacie James discover a fur covered bed
Kacie James and Natalia Forrest stroke their fur coats over their naked bodies
Natalia Forrest in black fox jacket massages Kacie James with fox fur stole

Teen twosome Natalia Forrest and Kacie James are flatmates with another girl and are very envious of her furs. But neither knew the other also had a secret passion for them - unless Kacie catches Natalia naked among a bed of fur coats! What better to do though than climb onto the bed beside her flatmate, snuggle into the furs, and get down to some cuddling, caressing and massaging with the soft coats ... for now! But just what will that lead up to?

20 January 2014

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Surgical Stockings starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue in black stockings enjoys her brown mink fur coat in the hospital

Sexy Sapphire Blue is visiting her doctor for a check up on her sore ankle. Clearly, however, she has other plans for her sexy doctor and begins teasing him, revealling her tight outfit, sheer girdle and long stockinged legs and feet from under her long mink coat. Settling on to the bed to masturbate before him with fingers and mink as he wanks off too, this promises to be a hot check up to set everyone's pulse racing!

16 December 2013

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Busy Madame, Idle Maid starring Ashleigh Embers and Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue and Ashleigh Embers rub each other with silver fox fur mittens in bed

Lady Ashleigh Embers has told maid Sapphire to get her furs cleaned but Sapphire Blue can't resist slipping into the fox jackets before cleaning. What would happen if Lady Ashleigh returned to her bedroom and found her maid in her furs? And what would she do to her maid if she liked how she looked in that soft silver fox jacket? Maybe it's time for the servant to see how the elite live - and love - among a bed of soft coats and inviting fur mittens!

2 December 2013

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