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Waiting for Miss Smith starring Vickie Powell

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Details to follow

26 August 2016

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A Morning in Mink 2 starring Kacie James

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Details to follow

19 August 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Hot in the Hay starring Shateela

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Slim, sexy and very sultry Shateela is a hot stable girl cleaning up the hay barn. In her tight denim bra and hot pants and black leath boots, she is a stunning girl - and more so when she finds a thick soft lynx fur jacket left behind among the hay. How did that get there - and what will happen to it now that she has her dirty little hands and dirtier mind on it. She looks amazing in the fur with nothing but her kinky riding boots underneath it - and she knows it. Just watch what it does to her too as she smothers herself in the fur and rubs and fingers her gaping pussy all alone in the barn. Make hay while the sun shines, Shateela!

12 August 2016

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Pulling Paul starring Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

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Dirty duo Chloe Toy and Brook Logan are out for a night on a tiles in a local bar. The last to leave, they are waiting for the hot barman Paul to finish up and drag him off for more partying, looking hot to trot in sexy evening dresses and gorgeous fox and lynx jackets. The wine has got them both too carried away so they start enjoying each other while waiting for their escort to finish up at work. A little tonguing, fingering and toying follows on the smart bar top before Paul comes back - where they show him what he's been missing and tell him what is to come later!

5 August 2016

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Thank You Too starring Kacie James

fox fur fetish mistress kacie james love glass dildo sex toy hot busty brunette babe
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Gorgeous brunette Kacie James is showing her appreciation for your time and company. What a great night she had, and what a better end it will become as she seduces you in her thick crystal fox fur jacket, hot pink satin lingerie and sleek stockings. Her sexy curves don't stay hidden under the soft luxurious fur for long though as she shows you all of her womanly charms and starts rubbing the fur all over her body. Soon she reveals even more when she pulls out a glass dildo and slides it deep into her pussy while wrapped up in the fox! Fur is the best way to show thanks - and Kacie does it magnificently!

29 July 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Punished by Fur starring Brook Logan and Chloe Toy

love of fur lesbian licking femdom mistress slave oral fetish brook logan chloe toy dildo fox jacket
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Kinky fetish mistress Brook Logan needs to teach errant slave girl Chloe Toy a lesson of submission that she will not forget! As slim sexy Chloe sits naked in her fox fur cuffs, Madame Brook strides around in her tight pvc outfit and thigh length boots draped in luxurious silver fox fur. But poor Chloe only gets a few moments of pleasure from the fur before feeling Madame's wrath from her paddle and whips. After some furious dildo action, young Chloe has to return the favour to Mistress and then await her next punishment! Furry femdom fun for one and all!

22 July 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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As Good As New starring Kacie James

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Admire the divine brunette charms of Kacie James as a very gentle madame at home with her furs. Kneel at her feet as she inspects her long sleek mink coat which feels brand new after its trip to the cleaners. So what better to do than to get dirty in it, eh guys?! Admire her fabulous tits and curves as she reveals all to feel the clean mink against her willing skin and hear her gasp and sigh as the fur massage mitten touches her soft pussy in a very personal way. Shouldn't all ladies of standing have their own furs - and shouldn't they all know how to enjoy them properly too?!

15 July 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Seduction by Smoke starring Chloe Toy

chloe toy fur fetish mistress smoking cigarette fox jacket coat silk satin lingerie stockings heels
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A fur and smoking special starring the stunning blonde Chloe Toy. In her striking hot pink lingerie, stockings, high heels and gorgeous black fox fur jacket, Chloe loves to dress in fur and smoke her cigarettes as she purrs and plays with herself. Let her seduce you with every puff and draw and image enjoying those lips more personally - then drool over her fabulous body and heated masturbation, wanking herself silly with her eager fingers and soft fur massage mitten too. By the end, you'll all be gasping for air - and in need of another smoke together!

8 July 2016

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A Roll in the Hay starring Brook Logan

love of fur fetish brook logan barn hay lynx fucking legs tits
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The elegantly sexy Brook Logan is alone in her hay barn waiting for her new member of staff. She's all ready for a ride in her tight jodphurs and leather boots but her gorgeous lynx fur coat shows that she's after a different sort of mount for the day! When he arrives to meet her, she has already started stripping off, expsoing her firm bum and willing wet pussy to him and plunging her fingers inside. The fur is getting her really wild too and is bound to work for him as well! What a game filly - and what games to be had alone with her in the hay!

1 July 2016

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Take Two starring Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

chloe toy brook logan love of fur fetish scissor humping lingerie stockings lesbian
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Our hot new models Chloe Toy and Brook Logan are getting carried away at work when hired to model fur coats for some lucky photographer. As soon as his back is turned though, our leggy lingerie-clad lovelies can't wait to cuddle up in their fur jackets and stoles, rubbing the soft fur all over their slim sensual bodies and losing their composure! Do they have time to finish their fun before the shoot continues? They don't seem to care much as the fingering, furring and scissoring gets more heated and they cum loudly among the sexy furs around and between them! What fun these girls are to work with!

24 June 2016

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