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Stable Condition starring Kasia

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Lady Kasia pulls you into her stable for a stern word. Boy, is her barn in a mess and as her stable boy she blames you for its condition. No wonder though as your eyes have been on her exotic looks, shapely body, long legs and fabulous fox fur jacket. She knows all about you though and adds to your distraction by teasing you with her soft fox fur, short skirt and boots. Spreading her legs and showing your her pussy, she rubs her fur between her thighs before plunging her thick pink dildo into herself! Looks like this barn will need even more cleaning after she has finished with you - and her own desires!

25 January 2016

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A Flexible Furring starring April O

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Leave gorgeous lithe new model April O alone on a spread of fox furs and with a few accessories to play with and see what happens! What does happen is a fabulous display of April's love for fur and also her flexiblity, as she bends and stretches to feel as much of the fur against her body as possible. The positions she gets in when rubbing her pussy with soft fox mittens are amazing and clearly she is enjoying it all too from her moans and gasps! Sit and back and relax, while April does all the work!

18 January 2016

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Fur Therapy 12: An Expert's Opinion starring Lana Cox

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Gorgeous russian fur icon Lana Cox talks through your passions with you in her lounge and gets to the heart of your lust for fur. It helps when she slips into two luxurious fur coats while you talk, covering her sharp business outfit with a long mink coat first, then stripping down to her lacy lingerie and stockings to cover in her long thick crystal fox coat! Testing your love further with her softest fur massage mitten, Lana shows her expertise in the fur field - and reveals her own deep addiction to fur fetishism too!

11 January 2016

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Doctor in Love starring Holly Kiss

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Sexy blonde milf Holly Kiss is waiting in hospital for her handsome doctor. She knows how much he loves furs so decides to surprise him in the thickest softest blue fox fur jacket during an emergency visit. His pulse and yours will start racing as she reveals her sexy lacy red bra and panties underneath, then pulls her big firm tits out and slides her knickers down. The hospital bed makes the perfect place for a furious fingering for Holly so watch and enjoy her loving her fur before the doctor gets to test his bedside manner on her!

4 January 2016

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A Season Fur Giving starring April O

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Sexy lithe and limber brunette April O is our Christmas cracker in her sexy santa outfit, stockings and heels. In a private show for her special man, she keeps him warm for the holidays with a hot little treat in herself, all wrapped up in mink fur! As she rubs the slinky mink coat over her slim body she gets into the filthy festive spirit, grabbing a glass dildo to slide into her pussy and she keeps up the fur stroking. What a fabulous festive present for us all!

28 December 2015 N/A < 3 votes

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A Model of Composure starring Kasia

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Kasia love of fur fetish fox jacket coat sexy brunette fashion model glamor glamour
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Sexy and hot Ukranian brunette starlet Kasia is in the modelling studio on another fabulous fur photoshoot. Underneath the sexy furs she wears just a sheer red basque with matching knickers and red stockings with black patent high heels, posing in different fur coats over her lingerie. Once the photographer is out of the studio though, she jumps at the opportunity to really enjoy the soft furs around her! The teasing sable and chinchilla massage mitten soon works its magic on her and she is caught up in her lust for fur! Hopefully the cameraman will be gone for a good while, for her sake!

21 December 2015

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At Your Command starring Lana Cox

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Gorgeous Russian milf Lana Cox is alone with you in her play dungeon - however this time you are the one in charge! No stern looks or harsh words from gorgeous Lana as she is at your command and there for your pleasure, in her soft thick silver fox jacket and slinky lingerie. Fulfilling your wishes and desires, lovely Lana reveals her firm round breasts and willing pussy underneath her lingerie, then relaxes on to the dungeon floor with a huge purple dildo. If there's any else that you want her to do for you, just ask: after all, she is at your command!

14 December 2015

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Birthday Present starring Kasia

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Sultry Ukranian brunette sexbomb Kasia returns to give her boyfriend a very special treat for his birthday. Her hot surprise video will warm his heart this winter and seeing her in her tight sexy red top and skirt and thick white fox jacket will raise his temperature even more! Watch her smoulder for him in the soft fur coat until she strips off her red outfit to wear just the fur which she knows he (and you) all love the best! Then it's down to playtime - and after a firm rub and sexy humping and riding of the fur gets too much, a handy little dildo comes to join her to satisfy her! What a lucky girl - and a luckier guy!

23 November 2015

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Foxy Maidy starring Holly Kiss

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Elegant sexy maid Holly Kiss is cleaning her Mistress's home but her Ladyship has left her fur jacket in the bathroom. Lovely Holly has always wanted a fur coat of her own and jealous of her mistress, she tries her fox fur on to see how it feels. How she feels though is soon clear- as she slips her sexy maid's outfit down to feel the soft fur everywhere around her stunning body. When she also finds a match fox fur mitten then her fun really starts! Her chores can wait for now: it's time to fuck her Ladyship's furs for as long as she can!

9 November 2015

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Which One to Buy starring Cherry Blush

love of fur fetish fur coats cherry blush toni leanne busty babe lingerie glamor glamour model
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Sweet Cherry Blush has rceived a very welcome delivery of fur coats to try before she buys - but what a decision she has to make. As she tries on each new fur to see what they look and feel like, her mind and heart starts racing, and her body starts to tingle at the thrill of all these furs! Laying the furs on the sofa she sinks down on top of them, sliding her dress down and rubbing her feet and hands in the fur before playing with them fully. Can she make up her mind as to which furs to keep - and which to enjoy before sending back?

26 October 2015

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