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A Late Discovery starring Kacie James

love of fur fetish kacie james sexy british brunette gaping pussy fox coat jacket
barmaid kacie james fur fetish fox coat office outfit blouse short skirt heels diner
silver fox fur jacket angel babe kacie james love diner bar waitress glamor model
cute raven kacie james fur coat fetish love silver fox pert tits furring masturbation

Cute brunette Kacie James is hard at work cleaning up after a shift at her bar. Looks like one careless partygoer has left her silver fox fur jacket behind though - and what a gorgeous fur it is too. More so when the divine Kacie tries it on and relishes its sensuality and sexiness - so much so that she can't wait to try it on and feel the fur close to her sweet body. Cleaning takes a back seat to her own dirty minded needs and lust for the fox jacket, as she rubs it all over her heaving breasts and between her trembling thighs. Cumming onto the fur is all that's on her mind at the end of her shift.

17 June 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Garden Nymphette starring Chloe Toy

chloe toy love of fur fetish mistress lynx jacket dildo bum bending over arse
chloe toy lynx fur coat fetish outdoor garden pretty blonde babe british
lynx coat fur chloe toy blonde girl next door lynx jacket panties lingerie sexy
blonde babe dildo toy action fur fetish coat chloe toy lynx heels pussy gaping

Blonde starlet Chloe Toy is enjoying some time alone on a lovely summer's day waiting for her boyfriend. What is taking him so long, when she is all alone, wrapped up in a cute lynx fur jacket, sweet pink satin heels and just a sexy bra and pantie set underneath. She has temptation on her mind too and all ready to play with him when he arrives but can't wait for him so starts alone, rubbing the lynx fur between her legs and fingering herself silly before using her thick dildo to climax loudly in the lovely garden. What a vision in lynx - who could leave her waiting?

10 June 2016

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The Right Impression starring Brook Logan

brook logan love of fur fetish mistress office fox jacket dildo long hair high heels
sexy office girl fur coat fox love brook logan high heels skirt blouse fetish secretary
secretary pa fetish fur jacket fox brook logan dildo straddle cowgirl riding
black fox fur coat suck dildo brook logan fetish brunette

Hot little minx Brook Logan is a sexy secretary awaiting a key job interview. She's dressed her best for the part in a sharp blouse and tight skirt, killer heels and a thick black fox fur jacket - as she knows the interviewer adores furs! Waiting in his office though she starts rummaging through his desk and finds a big naughty dildo. Why is that there - and what can she do with it to clinch the job?! Surely a furious play with it will help calms her nerves and convince him that she is the perfect girl to have around the office. She's hard to say no too after such a performance!

3 June 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Maid Fur Service starring Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

lesbian licking tounging fur coat fetish lynx chloe toy brook logan
chloe toy brook logan fur coat fetish maid mistress lesbian femdom two girl
love of fur chloe toy brook logan lynx jacket maid stockings masturbation
brook logan chloe toy lynx fur fingering babes lesbian fetish gaping pussy

Pretty maid Chloe Toy is trying to select the right fur for Mistress Brook Logan to wear but which of them will match Mistress's outfit? But when Mistress finds Chloe wearing one of her furs she isn't happy and Chloe's excuses only get her in more trouble. Luckily for Chloe - and us - Mistress Brook is most forgiving and shows Chloe the real pleasure of fur, and the real pleasure of lesbian love too. Soon dresses are hitched up, panties are pulled down and Mistress is showing CHloe what proper service is all about! Watch the fur, fingers and toungues fly as these two naughty minxes enjoy their furs and each other as only two girls can!

27 May 2016

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Luck of the Chore starring Kacie James

love of fur fetish kacie james hot brunette stable barn lingerie fingering mink coat
mistress madam kacie james mink fur coat fetish love trousers heels lace bra
sexy brunette model kacie james mink coat fur riding saddle sexy babe cute pretty
busty kacie james tits fur jacket mink coat love fetish stable barn lingerie

Your first day as Miss Kacie James' new stable boy starts with a bang as your gorgeous madame introduces herself to you while you are cleaning her barn. Underneath her sexy long mink coat she has on smart trousers, black high heeled shoes and a lacey bra but over her coat you can see her sexy eyes and welcoming smile. She has taken a shine to you already and your welcome gets warmer as she straddles her riding saddle and reveals her pert breasts to you, rubbing them with her fur sleeves while you watch. Her eager fingers soon find her way to her pussy giving you full sight of her lust for you. Maybe she'll let you roll with her in the hay one day …

20 May 2016

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Checking Her In and Out starring Kacie James

kacie james fox fur fetish jacket love glass dildo stockings babe teen hottie
love of fur fox coat hat headband brunette babe kacie james dress stockings sexy
cute model in fur kacie james fox coat pert tits topless fetish babe satin bra
hot brunette kacie pert bum pussy stockings fox fur coat heels glamor babe

Charming Kacie James is a guest at a very exclusive hotel and the lucky porter showing her to her room is in for a treat after fetching her luggage. Arriving in a thick silver fox jacket and hat over her tight blue evening dress, she takes her dress off in his absence revealing a sexy satin bra and pantie set and stockings underneath. But he is already besotted by her beauty in that fur, and more so as she pulls her bra and panties aside to rub the fox fur over her pert little breasts. Her glass dildo is very welcome too as her love for fur takes over! What a welcome guest - well worth checking her out!

13 May 2016

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Restoring the Tension starring Holly Kiss

love of fur fetish fox coat blonde milf holly kiss dildo fucking lounge sexy lady
holly kiss fox fur coat fetish stockings high heels dildo sex toy mink sitting room
mink fur coat rubbing masturbation cougar love of fur fetish holly kiss big tits stockings
mink coat dildoing toying vibrator blonde milf holly love of fur fetish sofa orgasm

Sexy blonde cougar Holly Kiss is getting over her stressful day at last, thanks to the fabulous fur coats she has before her to snuggle into. Stripped down to her lacey lingerie, stockings and black high heels, she has brought out her pink dildo so her fun can really start. Settle back and relax with dirty milf Holly as she writhes on the sofa, rubbing her fox and mink furs against her wet pussy before sliding her dildo home and cumming hard while smothered in the softest furs. If only every bad day could end like this - or with someone like Holly to share furs with!

6 May 2016

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Nobody Here But Us starring April O

april o love of fur silver fox fingering pussy masturbation stockings office high heels
sexy office girl pa babe fur coat fetish stockings april o high heels blouse brunette
babe in fur coat fox topless love fetish slim small tits skinny sexy
leggy april o fox fur jacket fetish love stockings high heels babe model glamor slim

Svelte sweetie April O invites you back to her office after a fun night out. Being so late, you are the only ones there, so can really enjoy your time together, especially with her looking stunning in her sexy office skirt suit, blouse, stockings and high heels. But her luscious silver fox fur jacket has you most enthralled and when she makes it clear how much she adores you too, things really heat up! When she reveals her slim body underneath her business wear and blue silky lingerie, you know she is wanting you, and watching her masturbate with her fingers in that fur jacket gets you hot and bothered. As she cums in front of you wrapped up in her fur, you know it is going to be a late night in the office together!

29 April 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Not Such A Chore starring Kasia

love of fur fetish maid kasia ukraine brunette french maid fox jacket masturbation
french maid fox fur coat kasia love fetish stockings satin uniform
sexy brunette kasia fur fetish stockings high heels maid outfit love
kasia ukrainian babe fur fetish fingering masturbation fox jacket brunette stockings

Sexy Ukrainian brunette Kasia is a very sexy French maid in sexy black satin uniform, stockings and suspenders alone cleaning her employer's home. Luckily today she has time on her hands as they are away for a couple of days so can be leisurely in her duties. Madame's hot fox fur jacket takes her eye while she dusting the sitting room, being so soft and sexual to the touch that she has to try it on and rest up a while to enjoy it. A fast and furious furring and fingering soon follows as she writhes in ecstasy on the armchair. She has time to kill so her chores can wait a while: this fox cannot!

22 April 2016

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Relieving the Pressure starring Holly Kiss

holly kiss love of fur crystal fox fetish busty big tits milf cougar furring
british milf holly kiss fur coats mink fox lounge skirt blouse busty madame
black mink coat love of fur holly kiss fur shopper elegant busty milf
blonde babe holly kiss fox fur coat love fetish close up face sexy pout smile

Sexy mature blonde Brit Holly Kiss comes home from a bad day in the office having treated herself to some retail therapy to calm her stress. What better way to do this than to buy new furs?! Her eyes were turned by a glamourous black mink coat and a soft crystal fox coat as a way to improve her mood. How stunning she looks in them too, over her tight white blouse and black skirt with a hint of lace stocking top and patent high heels showing underneath as she parades around her living room in them. But what else did she buy while out to enhance her mood - and where she use that as the evening goes on?

15 April 2016

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