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Birthday Present starring Kasia

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Sultry Ukranian brunette sexbomb Kasia returns to give her boyfriend a very special treat for his birthday. Her hot surprise video will warm his heart this winter and seeing her in her tight sexy red top and skirt and thick white fox jacket will raise his temperature even more! Watch her smoulder for him in the soft fur coat until she strips off her red outfit to wear just the fur which she knows he (and you) all love the best! Then it's down to playtime - and after a firm rub and sexy humping and riding of the fur gets too much, a handy little dildo comes to join her to satisfy her! What a lucky girl - and a luckier guy!

23 November 2015

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Foxy Maidy starring Holly Kiss

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Elegant sexy maid Holly Kiss is cleaning her Mistress's home but her Ladyship has left her fur jacket in the bathroom. Lovely Holly has always wanted a fur coat of her own and jealous of her mistress, she tries her fox fur on to see how it feels. How she feels though is soon clear- as she slips her sexy maid's outfit down to feel the soft fur everywhere around her stunning body. When she also finds a match fox fur mitten then her fun really starts! Her chores can wait for now: it's time to fuck her Ladyship's furs for as long as she can!

9 November 2015

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Which One to Buy starring Cherry Blush

love of fur fetish fur coats cherry blush toni leanne busty babe lingerie glamor glamour model
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Sweet Cherry Blush has rceived a very welcome delivery of fur coats to try before she buys - but what a decision she has to make. As she tries on each new fur to see what they look and feel like, her mind and heart starts racing, and her body starts to tingle at the thrill of all these furs! Laying the furs on the sofa she sinks down on top of them, sliding her dress down and rubbing her feet and hands in the fur before playing with them fully. Can she make up her mind as to which furs to keep - and which to enjoy before sending back?

26 October 2015

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Dungeon Diva: Part 2 starring Cherry Blush

love of fur fetish dungeon diva cherry blush toni leanne fox jacket dildo sex toy
busty brunette babe fox fur coat dungeon cross cherry blush
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Naughty minx Cherry Blush is back for the second part of her dungeon scene. The playful minx isn't finished in her dungeon yet however - with you, with her fox jacket or with her bright dildo - and she continues sliding her toy into her bright red panties before sliding them off to play more intensely. She starts sliding the slender dildo into her wet pussy while standing, before relaxing on the floor in her thick soft fox fur jacket for the hard toy fucking she is craving! Dungeons don't have to be dark and demeaning - sometimes they can prove delightful!

5 October 2015

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In The Summer Fur Time starring Cherry Blush

love of fur cherry blush mink coat garden sexy busty babe lingerie erotic
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curvy british brunette garden mink fur coat fetish toni leanne cherry blush
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Curvy bubbly brunette Cherry Blush is all alone in the garden waiting for her boyfriend. It is a warm day though so although she and he both love fur she is only in a sexy bra and panties set and heels underneath her sleek black mink coat. But it is not just the summer sun raising her temperature: her hot mink is doing that well enough too! Slipping out of her mink and lingerie is the best way for her to cool down and wait for her boyfriend to join her - although that just brings out her passions even more! What a perfect way to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon outdoors!

31 August 2015

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Working Late starring Lana Cox

sexy fur fetish lana cox fox coat masturbation stockings office high heels
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Stunningly sexy Russian minx Lana Cox is working late in her office. Her sharp business attire is perfectly matched by her long thick crystal fox fur coat, the perfect coat for the cold night air. But no need for her to rush home in such an outfit when she can strip down to her sheer lingerie, silk stockings and designer heels and soft coat to enjoy some time to herself after hours. Working late can have its advantages, especially for the privacy of a post work fingering wrapped up in her gorgeous fur! Imagine having her as your work colleague!

17 August 2015

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Dungeon Diva: Part 1 starring Cherry Blush

love of fur fox fur cherry blush busty british big tits brunette babe
dungeon mistress babe cherry blush fox fur coat fetish leggy brunette
sexy brunette cherry blush fox fur fetish lingerie bra panties
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The sexy and curvy Cherry Blush enters her dark dungeon in front of you, yet she is no sharp spiteful Madame intent on beating you into submission. Instead she is a cheeky, teasy minx: a young diva of a domme, happy to tease and seduce you in her lair. Her thick blue fox jacket will help cover up her shapely body until she's ready and it contrasts well with her red bra and panties underneath. Equally red is her playful dildo, and her imagination when using it ...

3 August 2015

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Just Fur You starring Lana Cox

lana cox mink fur coat fetish dildo toying masturbation milf cougar
love of fur lana cox mink coat fur fetish lounge stockings high heels
sexy russian milf cougar fur coat mink corset stockings pussy lana cox
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A special treat just for you! Your favourite fur loving model Lana Cox has shot a personal video for you to thank you for her new mink fur coat gift. After modelling it for you, she shows you what lies beneath it: a sexy corset, pink stockings, high heels and little else. The she slides back onto the couch to show you how much she loves her new fur coat. Her thick sex toy helps her satisfy her love for her new fur too - until you get back home to join her, that is!

20 July 2015

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Last to Leave starring Cherry Blush

mink fur coat busty brunette cherry blush british teen masturbation
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Sexy young brunette Cherry Blush is in her favourite bar one night enjoying cocktails. It's getting late but she really doesn't want to head home alone as the bar closes. Isn't there anyone who wants to escort her home in her tight black dress and long sexy mink fur coat? Yet being alone in the bar is one of her hottest fantasies too - and her sexy fur just makes her even more horny as she strips off to masturbate on the bar. Time for a special lock-in with Cherry then - see if she can make you blush!

6 July 2015

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Lady in Waiting starring Lana Cox

love of fur fetish lana cox russian milf cougar fox jacket corset stockings big tits
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busty blonde glamor model lana cox fur coat big tits fetish
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Sexy blonde cougar Lana Cox finds herself alone in a hotel waiting for her lover. There's no doubt what she is waiting for though as underneath her thick blue fox chubby jacket she is only wearing a sexy black lace corset, panties and stockings. Waiting in such an outfit can take its toll though with so much sensual fur to cuddle in, and soon she is rubbing the thick fox over her heaving boobs and against her wet pussy! Her guest can wait - this is her personal fur time time and she's loving every second of it!

22 June 2015

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