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Toying with her Slave starring Jasmine Lau

Jasmine Lau fur fetish mistress lynx coat sex toy dildo joi dominatrix love
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Details to follow

30 October 2017 N/A < 3 votes

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Punished by Fur starring Brook Logan and Chloe Toy

love of fur lesbian licking femdom mistress slave oral fetish brook logan chloe toy dildo fox jacket
fur fetish brook logan mistress chloe toy fox coat kinky boots slave girl handcuffs
spanking slave bdsm fetish chloe toy fur coat love brook logan madame sore bum
mistress goddess brook logan fur coat fetish chloe toy dildo slave girl teen

Kinky fetish mistress Brook Logan needs to teach errant slave girl Chloe Toy a lesson of submission that she will not forget! As slim sexy Chloe sits naked in her fox fur cuffs, Madame Brook strides around in her tight pvc outfit and thigh length boots draped in luxurious silver fox fur. But poor Chloe only gets a few moments of pleasure from the fur before feeling Madame's wrath from her paddle and whips. After some furious dildo action, young Chloe has to return the favour to Mistress and then await her next punishment! Furry femdom fun for one and all!

22 July 2016 N/A < 3 votes

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Maid Fur Service starring Chloe Toy and Brook Logan

lesbian licking tounging fur coat fetish lynx chloe toy brook logan
chloe toy brook logan fur coat fetish maid mistress lesbian femdom two girl
love of fur chloe toy brook logan lynx jacket maid stockings masturbation
brook logan chloe toy lynx fur fingering babes lesbian fetish gaping pussy

Pretty maid Chloe Toy is trying to select the right fur for Mistress Brook Logan to wear but which of them will match Mistress's outfit? But when Mistress finds Chloe wearing one of her furs she isn't happy and Chloe's excuses only get her in more trouble. Luckily for Chloe - and us - Mistress Brook is most forgiving and shows Chloe the real pleasure of fur, and the real pleasure of lesbian love too. Soon dresses are hitched up, panties are pulled down and Mistress is showing CHloe what proper service is all about! Watch the fur, fingers and toungues fly as these two naughty minxes enjoy their furs and each other as only two girls can!

27 May 2016

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Hard to Please starring Kasia

love of fur brunette mistress kasia big tits satin blouse fox jacket mansion lounge bdsm
kasia love of fur fox jacket satin blouse stockings short skirt fetish mistress ukranian brunette
foot stocking fetish fox fur jacket kasia love of fur dominant madame mistress submission bdsm
sexy mistress kasia fox fur coat bare ass stockings thighs sexy pose glamour model

Stunning Ukranian mistress Kasia is bringing you to task for yet more shoddy behaviour. She summons you into her elegant bedroom where she sits in her tight yet short business suit, purple satin blouse, sleek black stockings and high heeled shoes, just waiting to rip you a new one! Before long you are kneeling before her, naked as she commands and accepting your fate: to please yourself while she watches and chides you. If you're lucky you'll get to see her large firm tits from underneath her tight blouse and thick soft fur - or see her stroke the crystal fox between her strong smooth thighs as you play for her. She's very demanding - and hard to please!

22 February 2016

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Stable Condition starring Kasia

fur coat fucking fetish love kasia crystal fox cowboy boots dildo sex toy
love of fur fetish kasia ukrainian babe brunette short skirt boots
crystal fox jacket sexy brunette love of fur kasia ukraine model hot
barn fetish fun kasia fur jacket fox brunette babe big tits sexy pose seduction

Lady Kasia pulls you into her stable for a stern word. Boy, is her barn in a mess and as her stable boy she blames you for its condition. No wonder though as your eyes have been on her exotic looks, shapely body, long legs and fabulous fox fur jacket. She knows all about you though and adds to your distraction by teasing you with her soft fox fur, short skirt and boots. Spreading her legs and showing your her pussy, she rubs her fur between her thighs before plunging her thick pink dildo into herself! Looks like this barn will need even more cleaning after she has finished with you - and her own desires!

25 January 2016

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Dungeon Diva: Part 2 starring Cherry Blush

love of fur fetish dungeon diva cherry blush toni leanne fox jacket dildo sex toy
busty brunette babe fox fur coat dungeon cross cherry blush
white fox fur coat red panties british babe topless cherry blush dungeon
cherry blush toying dildo masturbation fur coat fox cross

Naughty minx Cherry Blush is back for the second part of her dungeon scene. The playful minx isn't finished in her dungeon yet however - with you, with her fox jacket or with her bright dildo - and she continues sliding her toy into her bright red panties before sliding them off to play more intensely. She starts sliding the slender dildo into her wet pussy while standing, before relaxing on the floor in her thick soft fox fur jacket for the hard toy fucking she is craving! Dungeons don't have to be dark and demeaning - sometimes they can prove delightful!

5 October 2015

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Dungeon Diva: Part 1 starring Cherry Blush

love of fur fox fur cherry blush busty british big tits brunette babe
dungeon mistress babe cherry blush fox fur coat fetish leggy brunette
sexy brunette cherry blush fox fur fetish lingerie bra panties
dirty curvy babe fur coat fetish dildo masturbating dungeon cherry blush

The sexy and curvy Cherry Blush enters her dark dungeon in front of you, yet she is no sharp spiteful Madame intent on beating you into submission. Instead she is a cheeky, teasy minx: a young diva of a domme, happy to tease and seduce you in her lair. Her thick blue fox jacket will help cover up her shapely body until she's ready and it contrasts well with her red bra and panties underneath. Equally red is her playful dildo, and her imagination when using it ...

3 August 2015

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Mistress Charlotte's Web starring Charlotte Elizabeth

love of fur fetish charlotte elizabeth paris fox coat louboutin high heels stockings lingerie
silver fox fur jacket paris headband sexy slim english blonde glamour
charlotte elizabeth paris fox fur coat cuddle sensual sexy blonde
stockings open leg fingering fox fur fetish paris stockings lingerie

Sexy blonde Charlotte Elizabeth plays your young dominatrix in silver fox! You enter her chambers to find her wearing her favourite fox with a matching headband over a black sequined dress, sheer stockings and expensive designer high heels. But you know why you are there and she knows that you've been abusing her furs secretly. You stand naked before her as she strips out of her dress, exposing her slim body, firm breasts and shaved pussy under the fur to you and then orders you to masturbate for her. Best do as Mistress wants!

20 April 2015

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Cumming for Mistress Cox starring Lana Cox

lana cox fur fetish mistress crsytal fox coat blonde bombshell russian milf
mistress dungeon lana cox fox fur coat whip high heels
big tits fox fur jacket lana cox busty stunner
fox fur coat open flashing pussy lana cox russian blonde mature babe

Fur fans' favourite Lana Cox is in fine form and finesse as your seductive mistress in her kinky dungeon. Mistress Cox looks stunning in her black outfit, lingerie, high heels and stockings but it's her long crystal fox coat that catches your eye most as she moves and tease you with it. And with her sexy voice telling you exactly what to do an admire - and counting you down to your inevitable orgasm - who could resist her charms and commands? Not you, that's for sure! Just be good and follow her instructions to keep her happy.

19 January 2015

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Boot and Fur Worship starring Sally Taylor

Milf mistress in fox fur coat fur handcuffs and stockings Sally Taylor
Sexy Sally Taylor is your milf dominatrix in a blue fox fur coat
Black kinky leather boots need licking and fox fur coat needs stroking
Fetish mistress Sally Taylor fingers herself in fox fur coat and leather dress and boots

Our milf madame, sexy Saucy Sally Taylor, will see you now in her dungeon, wearing her tight black pvc dress, sheer pantyhose, long black leather boots and blue fox fur coat. Mistress Sally calls you in to worship at her feet, admiring and cleaning her kinky boots as she teases you about her thick fox coat. Let's hope you do a good job and please her. Maybe you'll serve her so well that she will cuff you in fox too and then masturbate in front of you!

21 July 2014

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